The Best & Worst Bank For Paypal Stealth Accounts

What Is The Best Bank To Use With Paypal Stealth Accounts?

There is lists of the best bank accounts for paypal stealth accounts that work and lists of banks that do not work.

Some that you may have heard off forums and read the experiences people have with them.

This information is based off some testimonies from users of the bank and others are off our own experiences with certain banks.

Either way, you might not have the same issues for let say a certain bank that has been known to cause issues with Paypal.

Another thing we want to point out, if a bank seems to be known by users to cause issues, but yet you have been using them for awhile with no issues, then stick with it.

Obviously this all changes and mostly this information is geared towards users who are engaged in using eBay stealth/incognito techniques which are not in their own personal information.

The issues with mismatched names then becomes a problem for many as most banks do not condone the use or accept mismatched names or deposits under different names.

So for users with a Paypal account under their own personal details, this doesn’t apply as much to you as it does for users who have been limited or suspended years back; however, this information can still be helpful and allow you to make decisions on certain facts should you be hit with a limitation or suspension later down the road.

Worst Banks For Paypal Stealth Accounts

This is an easy speculation, seek out some forums that discuss eBay suspensions and Paypal limitations. One most notable forum is the Aspkin forums.

By far the only place that is dedicated to this particular subject.

Many users who need to get back on Paypal are faced with the issue of getting cards and bank accounts that won’t cause issues with Paypal nor cause issues with the bank as well.

Many banks from what we experience and read that have the worst use and cause many issues seem to be with eTrade.

This is the most discuss bank and many report limitations thereafter from using them.

eTrade is one you should stay far away unless your goal is to get limited which many people don’t. eTrade is not one to use, but many people seem to throw that out there as a viable option.

worst bank for paypal ally

Another bank that we have used and most users are experiencing issues with is Ally!

Yes, they do have killer rates and no deposit openings, but they are absolutely horrible for use with names that do not match. Do not make the same mistake we did. We had use them for several months until out of the blue we get our account blocked when trying to sign in.

This right here is a bad sign and you know when they ask you to call, they are going to ask why your receiving deposits under different names.

The bad part is, like certain people, we had around $8000 being held with them. This was because they wanted to have the fraud department investigate and then later on send me a notice with the outcome.

Thankfully, they didn’t hold the money permanently and find anything fraud about what we were using the accounts for.

This is not to say that all people will get their money back, there is some instances where Ally never returned the money to the owner. Not sure if this is entirely true or not, but I wouldn’t rule it out neither. This a warning to those using Ally, if you have money in there, get it out before they put a hold on your account.

Ally bank along with HSBC. Capital one & American Express savings do not work.

Another one we want to add to the list is SunTrust Bank. All of these banks besides American Express savings we have been shut down due to deposits under different names.

The American express on the other hand does not go through period.

Bank of America as of 05/16/2015 we have been experiencing issues with as far as mismatched name deposits and instant verifying the account. Some users state it works for them and others it does not. Use caution if you decide to use them.

With Bank of America, it is still up in the air.


We tried attaching and no deposits would get through.

So this is not a working bank if you are deciding to use them. So far we been shut down with many big banks to which all of them do not accept mismatched names.

This is from our personal experience and from other users as well. Some have success and others don’t. We on the other hand didn’t so we are just naming ones we had issues.

There are some prepaid banks that simply do not receive deposit confirmations when added. Most are centered around the netspend cards and the rush cards.

Out of 3 rush cards and netspend cards we used, none came back with deposits. Also if you attempt to add the bank account again to the same Paypal, you will most likely get a error message saying something along the lines of the bank needing additional review.

This they will want some type of statement to verify. Is it worth the hassle? Nope! Just move on and find a different bank.

Best Banks For Paypal Stealth Accounts That Are Ideal

best bank for paypal chase

Now comes for the list of banks we had great success with.  What we mean by success is, no issues with mismatched names, no funny activity or phone calls asking why you have deposits under different names and also ease of use and ease of opening of the account.

So far, the most reliable banks we have been using are two of the bigger banks: Chase & certain credit unions.

These two banks we have been using for a little over year and had no issues with them whatsoever. Even if we did, it was much more easier to resolve with them compared to Ally & HSBC. A couple of other ones we used happen to be with local credit unions.

The main reason I like using a small type or “mom & pop” type bank is that their more easier to explain what they reason for the deposits and more easier to come to agreements with.

Most of the time with certain issues from our credit unions, we just go in person and explain why we do what we do and what the purpose for the accounts are.

Easy! Yes! But this may not be the same with many of you. We recommend to go in person and talk to them firsthand and explain what you will be doing.

Get to know them and make sure you become close with them so they can get a good understanding of what the accounts are for specifically.

There are more banks out there and we mean, lots of them, but for the best banks to use with Paypal and the ones that are pretty solid. Chase & Bank of America would be your best bet. This will get updated the more we use a variety of banks.

But so far, the ones we have used are listed above with goods and the not so goods.

Here is one site we like to use to search for new banks with good rates and low opening deposits and monthly fees: Some banks have locality restrictions while others you can apply from different states regardless.

Best Bank & Worst Bank Goes To?

Ally is by far the worst bank and chase is the best out of all!

How do we know?

We have been using Chase ever since the day we started using eBay & Paypal.

Not once did we have issues with them.

Ally…well, you get the picture.

They suck!

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