What Item Sells Best On eBay? Find Out Which Tools Can Solve That!

Finding what the best selling items for sale on eBay is a challenge for me and for some it is as easy as 1st grade math. So why can some find the best selling items on eBay  and others just seem to be digging ditches like a slave? Most sellers that are successful in sourcing items that sell best on eBay have been doing so for years.

Top rated sellers have suppliers and distributors lined up for the best selling items on eBay.  Obviously no one would give out their sources for their top selling items as it took them long hours and hard work just to get lined up with them. Plus, very high chances that they wouldn’t like competition as they are already competing with thin margins due to all the fees and rules eBay & Paypal place on them.

But the key point is, they wouldn’t give out their sources that easy. So you are probably wondering at this point, “So where can I find the top items that seem to sell best on eBay?” There are many tools and resources I know many people use and that we also use at Auction Essistance to help people unveil those hot items that always sell best on eBay.

So if you are ready to put in work and a small or substantial investment, then the rewards should be well worth it. So let’s start with a couple of tools that we know is very popular.

Using Terapeak To Find The Best Selling Items On eBay

We don’t need to say how much this tool is awesome, but let me put it this way, it is awesome! The fact is, many eBay sellers who are serious and full-timers know this eBay tool and use it for searching top quality items that are hot sellers on eBay. For example, you scan for items that were hot at certain times of the year or find items that have sold the most through various mechanisms.

Terapeak is limitless and is a main staple for those of you that want to take your selling to the next level. It is an investment which goes as followed: $29.95 monthly for one eBay site which would mean if you wanted to search products for the USA market, then the USA eBay site would cost $29.95 a month.

If you want to search other international sites, their current special right now is 60% off which is $19.95 a month. This plan includes all international sites and USA eBay site as well. Their third option which amounts to $49.95 a month but is not different than the deal they are running currently. Both plans offer all sites including eBay motors which currently is a steal at $19.95 a month!

I also want to mention that with each of their plans, they include their software to find top Amazon products as well! Sourcing top selling Amazon items has never been easier!

If your an avid Amazon seller as well, Terapeak should be your number one tool to get an edge on your competitors and maximize revenue!

Watch Count For Top Selling Items On eBay?

One other tool that I know many people use as well as myself is the site: www.watchcount.com. This site is very useful and most importantly, free!! What this site is all about involves the many items on various eBay sites, whether that be eBay.ca, eBay.de or eBay.uk, watch count displays all the top items that have the most viewers.

I use this mainly to source the products from various suppliers or even other retail outlets that I can make a profit on. These top watched items gives you a glimpse of the items that sell best on eBay. It doesn’t get any easier than that! The only work you need to do is to find suppliers and wholesalers & determine if they are credible and they offer good quality products for good prices. I go to this site very often to check for any changes and potential items, bookmark it!

Hot Item Finder? Is There Such A Thing That Exists For eBay?

Hot item finder, heard of it? Not many people have, so you are in luck! Hot item finder is a software/desktop tool that is the most easiest and useful tool to use. It is much like Terapeak in the sense that it scans every category and finds all data such as the amount of items in the category, top rated items, listings sold, watch count, bids, etc..

This data can then be exported to excel for those of you who want to keep records or to sweeten the deal, you can actually sell these reports on fiverr for some extra dough!

Hot item finder is perfect for those wanting to dominate a niche in eBay and is easy to find a niche with some keyword research! Some other features that I like about it is that you can use the popular search term generator to produce high quality & high converting descriptions designed to take your listings to new heights! With this tool, you can save the trouble of deciphering an attractive description in order to draw visitors. I always hated when other sellers were getting sales even though I was selling the same item but at lower prices! What gives?!hot-item-finder-best-items-on-ebay

If you haven’t checked out hot item finder, then click here to check it out! The difference between this and Terapeak is noticeable from the start…the price. Terapeak is on a monthly basis while hot item finder is a one-time fee of $164, but currently they are running a promotion of over 60%.


You can get hot item finder for a low one-time price of $37. They both pretty much accomplish the same goal which is to search and dominate niches or find top selling items in every aspect possible. The choice is ultimately up to you and what your thoughts are on both. If you are still unsure, check Terapeak for a free trial to test it out!

 Use eBay Itself To Find The Top Selling Items!

My last suggestion is very obvious by the heading, use eBay to find the best items that sell very well! Check out there top seller list. My basic idea is to search many of the top selling items, scavenge through all the listings and see how many sellers are on there. I then can deduce whether or not I can compete or not.

Other things I look for is the feedback, how many sold, lowest price & the last sale that was made for that particular item. I always go for items that tend to sell 2 weeks ago as the longest for sale history. I can then see that the item will sell rather quickly when priced right and when listed correctly.

Using eBay’s top seller lists will greatly help you in finding what really sells best on eBay or even Amazon as well. Many people have had good results with using eBay’s list to search for some profitable items. Other than that, it is pretty much self explanatory. Using eBay to find what sells best on eBay is very odd sounding, but many people have had success with it.