“We’re sorry, we can’t send your payment right now” How To Solve?

As frustrating as PayPal is and with their new system interface in place, there is no telling what can go wrong. Here is another error that many users seem to get. We don’t like, you don’t like it. no one likes it.

Let’s just get it out in the open on what you can do.

If you use Paypal, you’ve probably encountered this frustrating error before. I’m going to give you some solutions that will help you resolve this little issue as I have dealt with it many times.

The issue:
Paypal won’t let you send a certain amount to someone else despite the fact that you have enough money to cover the payment and any taxes/fees. This error occurs on both verified and unverified Paypal accounts…

The cause:
I’m still not entirely sure what causes this pesky error. Some say it’s a common side effect of using prepaid cards, others say it’s due to too much action with your Paypal (moving money/chargebacks). Regardless, these solutions should help you resolve it.
One of the causes claimed by PayPal is if a US resident is sending a large sum to someone who is from the UK, US>UK & UK>US transactions are monitored by PayPal constantly.


  • If you have the option, send from a mobile application. This works for me 100% of the time. If not, then read on.
  • Clear your history/cache + Delete cookies then close your browser.
  • Send in smaller amounts [if necessary].
  • If you have ANY cards on your account, remove them and then add them back. Try to send again.
  • Get the person your sending funds to, to send you an invoice.
  • try sending with a different web browser (Ex: If you’re using Google Chrome, Use Firefox)
  • If worst comes to worst, call them and provide them with identification
  • Wait 2 days because it’s possible they could be running a fraud check on your account.


If all else fails, leave the account alone for more than 2 days; otherwise, any other activity being done could just prompt an automatic limitation.