Is There Really A True eBay Alternative To Sell On?

Recently, many sellers even buyers have wondered if eBay could be rivaled in terms of popularity.

There is always a possibility to which Amazon comes to mind.

With the increasing fees, strict policies & no remorse for the sellers, many have turned to some viable eBay alternatives.

They may not be a good replacement for eBay all together, but there are many good platforms that can sure offer some benefits.

Here are the top 5 eBay alternatives

    1. Amazon

It should come as no surprise that the biggest if not the toughest rival towards becoming a better alternative would be Amazon.

Amazon got its roots with selling books then later on expanded into being a powerhouse for all sorts of products.

For sellers, it can help with sales as Amazon is seen as a trusted vendor for quality items and support.

This is also evident on how much Amazon pressures sellers into providing top notch quality and support.

One small mix-up can have a damaging effect on the seller.

The best part about selling on Amazon is for the fact of getting the double the amount of money you would otherwise get from eBay.

    2. Ioffer

Ioffer is a different eBay alternative in terms of its pricing & transaction structure. The reason stems from a negotiation standpoint.

Sellers & buyers are able to negotiate a deal back & forth until they come to an agreement.

This site you can typically sell items that eBay would otherwise deemed high risk or against their policy, but lately, they have cleaned up their act a lot and removed those type of items from their site.

Is it a good alternative? Not so much, but some could find it useful for moving inventory.

    3. Craigslist

This by far is the most popular classified site and is far different in terms of selling and buying compared to eBay.

For one, there is no safety net even if you decide to meet in person.

Buying online through here would be very risky.

For selling, that is a different story.

It is a good place for traffic, but for gathering good targeted traffic and sustained sales, it’s pretty average.

The only issue with selling through here is being limited demographically.

   4. Newegg

This company mainly deals with hardware, software and other computer related items. They eventually started to expand their pallet & began going into different categories.

They do offer a platform to sell on, but traffic may not be as good nor targeted if you deal in anything other than electronics.

   5.  Etsy

This eBay alternative is for those who like to craft things by hand. They deal in art, clothing, jewelry, food, bath & beauty and anything else related to homemade.

For those that are into crafting and such, this eBay alternative would serve you well.

It has been a popular platform among crafters to which many have made a pretty penny from.