How Can I Get Started Selling On eBay?

This is one question we often get from new time sellers and those looking to make some extra money or even full time income off eBay.

Many know Amazon exist, but that is one topic that will be covered in the future. Selling on eBay is kind of confusing for many who are new to the site.

I do remember when I first started back in 2007, getting accustomed to the site by first buying an item on eBay with the account is when I really started to take a keen interest in eBay.

I didn’t begin selling on eBay immediately, but I got more familiar on how everything worked first hand.

You buy stuff here and there, but maybe after a few days or maybe a few months, you begin to think “How much can I get for my items if I start selling on eBay?”

If your new, you may find you stumble on where everything is. Creating a new listing to sell your listing feels like algebra at times.

Don’t worry, this is what we do for a living. Creating new listings will come natural to you that you will be a pro in less than a week.

The more familiar you get with the site, the more you start to know that selling on eBay and setting up an eBay account is actually a piece of pie…apple pie that is!

You don’t need to buy classes nor do you need to enroll yourself in a college course to gain some insight of what eBay is really about.

Ignore all those guru filled products that show you how to go from $0 to $4000 a month with no prior experience.

These “How to get started selling on eBay” type products are nothing more than garbage.

You better off saving that money towards investing in more inventory if you plan to sell full-time on eBay.

For now, you are starting off and eager to learn the basics of eBay.

Like many, eBay is the #1 place to make money from selling old junk lying in your garage, closet or wherever else.

This is why many have contacted us numerous times with the one question: “How can I sell on eBay?”

Good question and another good answer is in the form of a video created by a Christian Personal Finance!

Video is very comprehensive and covers many of the burning questions you have been meaning to ask or have never thought of asking.

Get out your notebooks and take notes, because this video is a crash course to selling on eBay.

Learning to sell on eBay in one jam packed video. Enjoy!