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New Product Now Available! Amazon Seller Accounts!

Amazon seller accounts are now available and ready to be used. I much prefer Amazon over eBay anytime for the sheer simplicity and less headaches that eBay & Paypal have both combined. These Amazon seller accounts can be created using information you send to us or we can have one created with our own. Price doesn’t not differ between the two if you decide to go with your own or one of ours. Bank is a must for Amazon and is necessary for getting money disbursed to you. Be sure to take the same steps as you would with eBay & Paypal to ensure nothing is left traceable if you had an Amazon account suspended before. One other note I want to point out is that they do have a 14 day hold for new sellers; however it goes away after that time period and you are then switched to the normal payout schedule.

Feel free to send us any questions or concerns you may have before purchasing or after purchasing!

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Auction Essistance Support Team