Getting Pass The SSN Request From Paypal? Is It Possible?

Paypal Requires A Social Security Number! Why Does Paypal Need My SSN?


One of the downfalls of using Paypal is the fact that when Paypal requires a social security number from you, it would seem impossible to get it reinstated.

If you are using a stealth/incognito account, then you will know what we mean.

For personal accounts, this matter shouldn’t be to cumbersome as it is easier to provide a personal SSN compared to the lengths of the latter. If you happen to receive this request from

Paypal on your personal account, then it is entirely up to you whether you want to provide it or not. The main point I want to touch upon is, it is not required to give up your SSN to Paypal.

Why do we say that?

Paypal is not a bank, should not be considered a bank nor are they regulated like one.

So the truth is, it is technically “illegal” as Paypal cannot request SSN since they are not a bank. Good to hear right? Yes, but the drawback is still getting pass that SSN request they always require. Which leads into another possible way you can go and bypass it altogether.

 Create Stable Accounts Without Worrying About The SSN Request


Call Paypal Up & Deny It!

Can I do that? Will they shut my account down?

They can’t altogether get mad or hostile if you choose not to give them your SSN. If your like many, your very hesitant on giving away such information that is basically your entire identity.

Calling them up will allow you to fully explain to them your thoughts on why you do not want to give your SSN information up.

There has be instances where we had called in and explained to them that we do not give such information especially to a company who is not approved as a bank.

Did they arrest us? Sue us? Shut our account down for good?

No, but they did give us an alternative way to verify the account and get it lifted.

All they wanted was a ID and some other supporting documents to get it lifted. Was it simple? Well…if you consider being on hold for half an hour and talking to a rep for another half an hour simple, then I guess so.

All in all, it was time well worth it to save an account with over $1000 in it.

Be kind & courteous to the representative as possible. We know it can be a frustrating time to have an account that requires so much verification, but being angry and cursing at the rep will not help your case.

Tax Laws & Future Requirements For Social Security Numbers

Eventually, you will come across the SSN request sooner or later.

This will not come in the form of a limitation, but merely a soft restriction. You will get a message or some indication that you are coming close the transaction threshold where Paypal requires SSN for IRS purposes.

The threshold is 200 transactions and $20,000 in total sales. (Thank you to a visitor for updating us on the correct info!)

In this case, you cannot fudge or deny the request. It is an absolute must to provide one. Once again, if you are using a personal account, it will be easy. Stealth/incognito, well…your in the hole on that one.

Our only suggestion for this is to either close the account or abandon it altogether.

Closing the account would be the best way as Paypal even states themselves that you can close it before the threshold and re-open it.

We have tried it on a couple of accounts with no issues.

The only drawback is that it is once again a new account. In this instance, it is better to get a business tax ID if you are doing sales beyond this threshold.

Closing it is not a way to avoid paying taxes, it is just a way to keep the account going and doing more transactions without the big roadblock.

You can get them registered in your state for certain fee that depends on your state’s requirements. It will save you from closing and abandoning accounts when you come across this issue.

It is not entirely impossible to avoid the SSN request nor is it impossible to get a Paypal account with SSN limitation request lifted either. But if you are like people who share the same opinion here:

Then it might be the best course of action.

It takes some planning and patience to get pass it, but it is absolutely necessary if your account has lots of money that you need to get out.

For cases like this, consider using multiple accounts to have the sales distributed among all of them.

Having one account take most of the sales is a sure sign of a limitation or some type of restriction.

The main occurrence with Paypal is that you never know what they do next.