Paypal President David Marcus Hacked? Theft? Conned?

Oh My?! David Marcus President Of Paypal Hacked? Oh Noes!!


Scouring the web, something interesting popped up about Paypal’s president David Marcus. Apparently the head guy at Paypal had his credit card details stolen, hacked, take. Whatever the case may be, this goes to show that no matter how advance the security is or who the target is, hackers will find a way or force their way in any means possible or also make many attempts to get your info. Scary? Yes! Surprising? Not really. Hackers are definitely capable of this and as technology advances, they will find ways to exploit it and always be a step ahead.

How Did David Marcus’s Details Get Hacked?

This incident all started with a trip to the UK where he stayed at a hotel. Supposedly it was because of someone who worked their, worker or some random person present at the time took his details and cloned it and went shopping like the CEO of a big company. Can evidence prove that it was someone who worked their that took it? Don’t think so, could just be a false claim to put blame on that hotel. Could have also been someone who was targeting him for awhile and was waiting for the right time to strike. He then stated or should I say tweeted “They then cloned it and went on a shopping spree!”


David Marcus also noted that his credit card had an EMV chip technology which is essentially a more secure (Ya right!) way to protect the credit cards in Europe. Well…it looks like that went down the hole. Otherwise, if it was so secure, it wouldn’t have got hacked! But by the looks of it, it wasn’t as secure as it was all made out to be.

What makes the story more interesting is to say the whole incident wouldn’t happen if the merchant accepted Paypal. Publicity? Liar? How about naive? Having Paypal in the equation who is even a worse solution and more corrupt at the core as the best solution to solve the incident is something I cannot comprehend. Paypal is horrible and there is much information how easily a Paypal can get hacked or on boarded. Even worse, most don’t know until they realize they have some unknown charges. So throwing Paypal as the savior is the worse advice you can give especially coming from someone who is a top figure in the company. Only pitch your company when it is actually up to par with security measures that make it difficult for a hacker to get in.

Many will probably sympathize with the guy or simply say David Marcus president of Paypal got what he deserves for being with a thief of a company and most corrupt processor with even worse policies and regulations. Many stories can attest to how bad the company is operated both from a buyer & seller perspective. Until then, this should be a wake up call to him!