PayPal Limited My Account For Updating My Personal Information?

There are a lot of sellers who offer PayPal vcc’s that work and others that just cause limitations. On another note, there are certain actions a user takes that ends up provoking a PayPal limitation aside from the other root causes.

Many times when we work with customers, lots of them have reported being limited after changing their password, adding a virtual bank, vcc or updating their email.

What is the reason for this?

Customers tend to blame either the vcc or bank that they have bought or opened because the limitation happens so sudden.

We, on the other hand, tend believe it can be a host of reasons tied to the IP and cookies.Ip address for paypal

When the limitation occurs soon after any of the above is committed, this limitation is usually a soft one.

What do we mean by “soft limitation?”

We consider a soft limitation to be one in which PayPal asks for a few requirements such as a drivers license, proof of address & password change.

Normally, this is the exact requirements that are asked once a vcc, bank or email is added or removed.

The reasons primarily attribute to an IP or cookie issue.

When PayPal sees a user logging in that isn’t commonly associated with the previous IP or cookies, they will place a limitation on the account until they can further verify the user.

In this scenario, a simple phone call to PayPal, to get it lifted, is mostly what gets the job done for us.

IP & cookies, as you know, play a big role in account creation & activity with cookies playing a larger portion of that.

Similar IP’s doesn’t directly lead to an eBay suspension or PayPal limitation when the IP’s are off by 1 digit; however, two accounts logging into the same IP with a different set of cookies doesn’t lead to a suspension or limitation either.

Both Cookies & IP must be present together in order for eBay & PayPal to tie the two and two together.

For IP’s that are dynamic & constantly change, they do not pose an issue as well.

You can still operate the accounts freely provided you keep the set of cookies in tact.

This comes back to the point of cookies playing a bigger role than most think.

It may seem farfetched, but we have tested on several accounts from ours.

amazon cloud compute

When you operate hundreds upon hundreds of accounts, you are bound to get mixed up with IP’s, cookies, information & other small details.

There have been several instances in which we have logged into three different accounts or created three different accounts with the same IP.

Did they get suspended or limited?

No, they were unharmed and were going strong for around seven days or so of hard listing.

The newly created accounts had no suspension or limitation issues and also held up quite well.

Now this doesn’t mean you should use 1 IP for creating multiple accounts or operating them either.

We get that most sellers are on a budget and are trying to stretch their dollar as far as possible.

Using the same IP will not only burn through money, but they will also burn through accounts, time & possibly a hole in your wall from the frustration.

Considering a lot of people cannot find good alternative IPs or have the money for them either to use on each account.

We highly recommend using the Amazon EC2 VPS for operating accounts rather than creating, more on that here.

Amazon Ec2 is an excellent source for VPS’s and perfect for managing multiple accounts.

Amazon gives you a full year of use with 750 hours of VPS time each month.

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