How To Get Pass The eBay MC999 Verification Suspension

The eBay MC999 verification suspension is a very frustrating message to encounter when you first list on the account. If you have never received them in the past and this is your first time receiving one, then it might come as a shock when you see the dreaded MC999 headline. Don’t worry, this is not a severe suspension as most would think it out to be.

If anything, it is the easiest suspension to get lifted to compared to the laundry list of reasons eBay can suspend you for. To get a clear understanding as to the eBay suspension you received, read the entire message.

Any information the message that indicates “call us within 24-48 hours to discuss” is usually a very good sign!

On the other hand, the email reads anything with “indefinite” or “suspicious activity” is always a clear indicator that it is gone for good. However, there are times when eBay will reinstate it if you get in good with the eBay reps.

More than likely, they will reinstate the account by verifying some personal information based off their database. The second option would be to send in a driver’s license and proof of address as the result if they cannot verify your information over the phone.

On a positive note, it can be reinstated…there will just be a little more work involved.

What To Do When You Receive The Suspension From eBayebay mc999 suspension

With the verification suspension that most new sellers often receive from time to time, this is by far the easiest suspension to lift most of the time. At least in our case, they are pretty easy to lift the eBay suspension. For those who find it hard, earth shattering or nervous calling to eBay, we have a solution!

That is our eBay MC999 verification service call! It is not for most, but if your the type of person who hates to be on the phone with eBay or Paypal reps or just get plain nervous even dialling the numbers.

We can relieve some of that unwanted tension and call in ourselves.

Now with those that are a little more daring or enjoy the chit-chat with the eBay reps, the verification suspension consists of some very easy questions they ask you for new time sellers on eBay.

Here is pretty much the list of questions they answer based off the amount we had called in for.

Out of all, they are the same and recent as far as we know from when we last called in. You will find that they are rather basic questions and nothing to be alarmed about.


eBay MC999 Verification Suspension Questions – What You Need To Know!

Questions are as followed:

“What items do you plan to sell on eBay?”

“How do you plan to ship the items?”

“Do you have anyone helping you on the account?”

“Are you calling in from a cell phone or a land line?”

Fairly easy questions? Yes, indeed! These questions shouldn’t get you to razzled up to say the least. They are basic questions and are intended to find more information about new sellers on eBay. Nothing to get worked over or nuclear on either.

By answering these simple questions, eBay reinstates the account and the listed items. It can’t get any easier than that!

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