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Here Is Why You Should Have Multiple eBay Seller Accounts

Times are tough and when you are hit with an eBay suspension, then you are pretty much at a standstill if you do not have a back-up plan in place. So how can you remedy the situation and ease the blow?

Simple! Create or buy more eBay & PayPal stealth seller accounts, cover your tracks, build a game plan.

Sounds easy right?

You’d be surprised how many still fail to do this!

Let’s break it down even further and save yourself from a problematic scenario.

If you don’t know how to create eBay or Paypal stealth accounts, it is relatively simple.

Simple Way To Create Multiple Seller Accounts For eBay

A new IP, wiped cookies and new information. Your going to need to use other information that has never been registered before.

You can still use your name, we just highly suggest using a variation of it.

Along with the above, you will need a new phone number, bank, credit card of virtual credit card & some serious stealth skill then you are ready to go.

Create as many of them as you can and as often as you can. You never know when an eBay suspension is right around the corner waiting to take you down.

Covering your tracks is by far the most important action you can learn to do. It is essential for avoiding a suspension or limitation. Bear in mind, skipping this like your regular doctor check-ups should not be an option.


Cover your tracks.

Learning to cover your tracks begins with clearing cookies & spoofing your MAC address. There is a couple of guides out there that help with spoofing your MAC address & cleaning your cookies.

Coming up with a game plan is easy…well, somewhat. The main point in the game plan is this, have a plan A & B ready.

Build more accounts, manage them, avoid drawing unwanted attention and make sure to read up on stealth techniques as often as possible.

What do we mean by that?

Do as much research on building accounts, maintaining them and avoid having eBay & Paypal constantly monitor your accounts.

Aside from that, one thing we like to point out that is very important…never rely on one account!!

Here is why!

Relying on one eBay & PayPal stealth account gets you nowhere.

1) Account shoulders the load

2) Large amounts of money into the account, possible limitations.

3) Maxing out selling limits very quickly.

4) More chances of suspensions & limitations!!

Now here is why you should have multiple accounts:

1) Spread the risk among many accounts.

2) Selling limits are nearly tripled, quadrupled even further than that.

3) One account goes down, another one takes its place.

4) More money in each account.

Obviously there are more benefits in which the pros outweigh the cons, but you can clearly see how multiple accounts can come in handy.

To close this out, this was basically a rough outline as to creating a new eBay seller account, while not being detected. We have provided a few resources to help out in providing more information.

Do your research and make sure you know the ins & outs of building strong eBay seller accounts.

The last thing you want is having a new eBay account that has been linked…