ebay mc999 suspension

Issuing First Listing On A New eBay Account And Avoiding A eBay MC999 Suspension

Why Start Out Small On A New Ebay Seller Account?

The first listing on a new account is crucial to do before going all out on the account. Starting an account with 10 items right out of the gate is a guaranteed MC999 suspension.

This is why you must start off with a “test” auction to begin the account rather than list all 10 items at once.

Patience and listing slowly is the key here.

Listing on new accounts must be taken seriously and should not be avoided. Even though accounts are typically aged from 1-3 months old, it is still considered to be new with no selling history.

Best thing to do is to be active on the account for a couple of days or a week depending when you decide to list.

Whether you purchase an account from us or someone else, always make sure to wait a day or two before listing. Why wait? Having cookies & the new IP logging in should give eBay & Paypal the hint on who will be logging into the account.

Normally by listing right when you get the account causes an eBay suspension to occur depending on what you list.

You can’t just go in and list 10 Ipads and expect not to get suspended; however in some cases, I have witnessed where it got through as evident on the sellers on eBay.

You will see 0 feedback sellers who are newly created for a week and their listings manage to stay up pretty long. Other times, that is not the case.

Can We Guarantee This Works?

I can say from my personal experience it does work the longer you stay active and the more you know how to properly list items without drawing unnecessary attention.

However, if you end up listing and you still get the MC999 eBay suspension, then best plan of action would be to call in. Depending on which eBay suspension you receive, the one where they say to call in within 48 hours is by far the easiest to get up.

Essentially you would call in, answer a couple of questions such as:

  • What do you plan to sell?
  • How you plan to ship?
  • Are you calling from land line, cellphone, internet connection?
  • Do you have anyone else helping you?

Things of that nature.

Sounds easy?

Sure it does, but most people get the chills when they call into eBay. If you happen to get frighten or the thought of talking to an eBay rep makes you cry, try our eBay MC999 verification service to assist you with that.

We handle the hold times, the talking & the frustration of dealing with them.

We have been doing this for many years & we have a high success rate with our clients.

On the other hand, if you decide to call in, make sure to have all information readily available to you to ensure that you have all information ready to say to them.

It is easy, but it is a suspension that I much rather prefer over the indefinite suspension. Want to learn how to create an eBay account after suspension?


Here is some great information on why MC999 suspensions occur. http://www.aspkin.com/forums/search.php?searchid=1407471