New IP – VPN, VPS, & Tor Browser? Are They Safe?

Most know that you need a new IP to get back on eBay, Paypal & Amazon (to a certain extent); however, there is much confusion on which works best. VPN’s are commonly thrown out there as the solution to a new IP. They are a hit and miss as many find them safe to use while others seem to get suspensions or limitations by them. VPN’s we do not recommend to use provided if they are a dedicated VPN service. Other VPN’s could have IP’s in which could have been blacklisted. It wouldn’t be wise to take that risk especially if you have created or bought a new account to operate on. Dedicated VPN’s would be a better choice as their IP’s are unique and static. They are more costly, but are well worth the money for the security and reliability. Some good ones are StrongVPN, HideMyAss VPN, PureVPN, and also VPNsecure.

VPS is also another way to go as they are secure much like the VPN’s, but they come with a little bit more security. You are able to remotely access the server and it operates much like having a second computer. They come with their own unique set of cookies and are able to acquire a unique IP in a certain location of your choice. These are perfect as you can have an IP that matches the location on the account making it more stable. The IP is also static and reliable.  What is great about them is the accessibility and the ability to customize the features to your own settings. HideMyAss VPS & X10VPS are a couple out there that work well with ebay accounts.

Tor browser is one that has been brought up and also asked frequently by many of our clients. Is it good? No, it is not even reliable nor secured. These are absolutely horrible for operating Paypal, Amazon & eBay accounts. They are guaranteed suspension or limitation if chosen. Many have used it and have reported having an IP in another country. It is not ideal to have that when operating an account in the US. Which is why it is wise to stay away from this. It is better to spend money on a reliable service that is proven to work. Do not fiddle with services that have negative results. You want services that will help you maintain the accounts and have a return on your investment.