2 Easy Ways To Increasing Your eBay Selling Limits

If you want to have your SELLING LIMIT increased, you may do two of these things:

  1. Call eBay after 30 days and asked them to increase your selling limits AND YOUR Selling Value as well. If you only ask for one of those, for example, you just ask them to increase your listing limits and NOT your selling value, it’ll only
    complicate things for you. You should ask to have BOTH of them increased (The listing limits as well as your selling value). Not just one of them.
  2. It’s best if you have sold items and to have MAXED OUT your listing BEFORE you ask for an increase from an eBay rep. This increases your chances of them increasing your limitations.
    Of course, there are other variables to this, like Negative Feedbacks amongst others that can determine your chances of being granted an increase in your limitations.

Also, there may be times when you may receive a message like the one below. Here below are the questions that you may receive from an eBay rep. Your answers will vary on what you sell and based on your own business. You can add your answers below the questions to have them ready when you call in.

1. What Type of Items do you want to sell on eBay (Be specific with Brands and what the items are)?

Your Answer should Be:

2. Where do you get the products that you plan to sell (Be specific with the name of your distributors and suppliers)?

Your answer should be:

3. How many items do you wish to sell on the site?

Your answer should be:

4. What is the average price for the items that you’re selling?

Your answer should be:

5. Are the items new or used?

Your answer should be:

6. Do you have any other eBay account for selling and buying?

If YES, your answer should be:

If NO, your answer should be:

And below are additional questions:

If you are a registered business, please fill out these other questions:

1. What is the name of your business?

Your answer should be:

2. Do you have a website or Brick and Mortar store? Or both? If you have a Website, please provide the website URL

Your answer to this should be:

3. Please Provide your Tax ID

Your answer to this IF you don’t have a Tax ID should be:

You can get a Tax ID by following this guide: https://turbotax.intuit.com/tax-tools/tax-tips/Small-Business-Taxes/How-Do-You-Get-a-Business-Tax-ID-Number-/INF14837.html

For foreign users, follow this procedure: http://smallbusiness.chron.com/obtain-tax-id-number-foreign-entity-58171.html