Our accounts are created from the ground up and created with the utmost experience and techniques known to avoid drawing attention to the accounts.

We guarantee satisfaction & longevity with our accounts provided you follow stealth/incognito guidelines.

If your following the guidelines, you should have no issues or problems when operating our accounts.

Since eBay & PayPal rules are never set in stone, you may come across some bumps in the road.

No worries, we will assist you as much as possible to get you back up and running.

If you are not fully satisfied with services, let us know and we will issue full refund or we can send a replacement on a case by case basis.

We accept returns within 14 days after you receive the account with money back guarantee.

We issue replacements or refunds only if accounts are limited and suspended if you have never logged in or you logged in the first time. Refunds and replacements are determined by a case by case basis.

When this happens, please let us know immediately for quick resolution & support.