Using Google Voice To Create An eBay Account? Stop Now!

Creating eBay stealth/incognito accounts will become increasingly common & needed the more eBay & PayPal start to wreak havoc on sellers & buyers alike. Stealth/incognito accounts will require new strategies and tactics to even create just one usable account.

Take for example those common 10 item limit accounts. They used to be easy to obtain, but are not becoming more scarce the more people create accounts.

Why so?

eBay & PayPal are becoming aware of the trend and are starting to verify each & every account created against their own database. If it fails to come up with anything, they will end up cutting the limits to 5 items or even cut them completely to 0. Currently, 5 item limit accounts have become the norm as well as the 0 item limit accounts.

The 0 item limit accounts are actually avoidable if you know the right techniques. With so much debate going on with why 0 item limits occur, new methods must be put in place to prevent that. This requires extensive testing and input from various other sellers.

Judging by the reports of sellers & creator of accounts, one common theme seems to be related when 0 item selling limits are given by eBay. Google Voice tends to be the common issue when used to create seller accounts. If used, the 0 item selling limit is a definite possibility because so many sellers have reported the outcome with it. This is a big reason to avoid it completely!

Google voice is a big no for creating ebay accounts. If you do not have the resources, time & capability to create multiple accounts and when we mean multiple, we mean by the hundreds possibly thousands. Then skip Google voice completely to prevent any wasted banks, cards, time, etc… it is not worth it to have each and every account 0 selling limit ones.

Can You Call To Increase The Selling Limit?

It is never recommended to call in to eBay to ask for a selling increase. For starters:

1) Gives eBay all the more reason to look further into the account.

2) Big chance of them requesting documents or suspending your account entirely.

The less attention you bring to your eBay account, the better. The whole entire idea behind creating stealth/incognito is to avoid drawing attention to accounts and giving any hint to them that you have a previously suspended account.

Best option is to move on to a different account and stay away from using Google voice. If you find you are struggling to create a new eBay account, try buying one instead. Investment is required to buy one, but you can be assured when you purchase an eBay account from a reputable seller, you will know it was created the right way with no shortcuts taken.