What do you do when you get suspended by eBay or limited by PayPal?

Give up? Sell on Amazon? Abandon eBay altogether?

Most users will tell you they are at the end and jump ship when all hope is lost.

However, there is another way!

Go incognito/stealth!

What Is Stealth/Incognito eBay & PayPal Accounts?

When the term is brought up when talking about eBay & PayPal suspensions and limitations. They are simply referring to signing up under different details not tied to their personal accounts.

Doing so prevents eBay or PayPal from tracing you back to your original account.

Let’s say you got suspended or limited and you wanted to get back on. You would sign up under random details or variation of your own details.

But don’t go signing up willy nilly like you normally would.

There is specific techniques to follow in order to create a new eBay or PayPal account after being suspended or limited.

Do Stealth/Incognito Accounts Work?

If you know how to navigate through muddy waters, you will find they are a good alternative.

Many suspended users find that using stealth/incognito accounts help more in terms of anonymity.

Not only that, most users report being able to move large amounts of inventory compared to using one account.

For example, let’s say you had got a 7 day suspension or even a 30 day selling restriction for that matter.

You can’t sell & your revenue is at a standstill.

Going stealth/incognito, you can sell freely on other accounts without waiting for the suspension to wear off.

Got a negative feedback?

No problem!

Your other accounts would be doing just fine!

But eBay & PayPal Forbid Other Accounts. Are Stealth/Incognito Accounts Legal?

Consulting with numerous lawyers, it is perfectly legal.

Since these policies are enforced by eBay & PayPal and not under federal law, you are perfectly in the clear.

Now in terms of selling fakes & scamming people…ya, that is definitely illegal.

When it comes to reclaiming your income, make no hesitation on getting back on.

Many sellers began to lose hope until they started to realize a solution is around the corner.


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