buy amazon seller account

4 Reasons Why You Need To Buy An Amazon Seller Account This Very Moment

1. Ease of use, can get started right away when you buy an Amazon seller account.

Best of all, no need to wait a certain period of time to start selling or be worried about receiving a suspension.

Can list all inventory depending on the seller level you choose all at once compared to eBay where 1 item can cause a verification request.

2. No more Paypal! That should be the number one reason to sell on Amazon as Amazon’s payment methods is very simple and easy!

Add your bank, sell your item and once it sells, money goes into reserves and the 14 day new seller grace period begins.

This may be a drawback, but it is definitely a lot better than having it tied up for 21 days.

Once the period is over, your money then gets disbursed within 3-5 days at intervals of every 7 days from your last sale.

3. Amazon’s marketplace has more trust and can increase your profits a lot higher compared to eBay!

Buying an Amazon seller account can allow you to recoup your investment and make double on eBay.

Many regard Amazon as a trusted source to buy from compared to the bad reputation eBay has been known for.

Amazon does impose strict seller requirements which is evident by the reputation they have been know for.

Follow these requirements and you will see your account last a lot longer.

4. Fees, fees & even more fees! eBay has so many fees it’s not even funny!

Let alone Paypal taking a cut eats away more at your profits.

Amazon is different and is far more simplistic in the way they do fee assessments.

Once you list your item and are ready to submit, they give you a rundown of the very minimal fees the incur and how much you will receive after that is deducted along with the shipping credit that is tacked on.

The best part I like about it is that they take it right there. Makes it simple and less of a headache when all your fees are due like eBay.

So when buying an Amazon seller account for sale, make sure to take the necessary steps to avoid getting traced if you had an account before.

This is only necessary for those who have been suspended by Amazon and are looking for a way to get back on.

For those looking to sell for the first time, it’s as easy as creating an account and begin selling.

If you are a first-timer and are in need of some guidance about setting one up, contact us through our email form or through our live chat to see how we can help you!