Source Products To Sell On eBay?

do-you-have-what-it-takes-to-be-an-ebay-entrepreneur--7cfa25d9f9This is perhaps the most asked question we receive and also have witness in regards to finding products to sell on eBay. Like a lot of you, selling on eBay started from selling your household “junk” to make more room and also finally making it possible to park your car in your garage with that extra space.

For some, this probably flipped a switch and got you hooked on the idea of making money online and now you are probably thinking,

“How do I take it a step further?”

“Can I make more money by finding products to sell on eBay?”


Where To Find Products For eBay?

Finding the best selling items on eBay and also knowing what sells is a question that has been raised by many first-time sellers of eBay.
A lot of them get confused on what is a hot or profitable item. You are left to wonder why can I not find any items and probably ask other sellers what they sell.
Now of course, most will not tell you what they sell. This is to lessen the competition on the items they sell.
Otherwise, if they tell you, then you instantly become their competitor.
They are not being rude or mean, they just want to profit as much as they can, they are playing with thin profit margins or it also probably be that it took them years to seek out the supplier. So what can you do?
There is various ways you can attack this..
1) Find products you are knowledgeable in.
2) Use a research tool such as Terapeak.
3)Use supplier or distributor list and find trustworthy ones.

Source Products For eBay With Alibaba

First off, start brainstorming. Think of items that you have more knowledge on or certain categories.

Let’s say you know a lot about alibababeauty products. From here, you know a variety of eyeliners, lipstick and so on.

Now take one of those products name and do a google search with “product name” wholesale or wholesale “product name.”

Much of these sites that come up will result in DHgate, Alibaba, Aliexpress and a few others.

Most of these sites have a bad reputation for being a haven for replicas and scammers.

This is partly true, but you are still able to find legitimate sellers selling authentic items.

We recommend going with Alibaba as finding brand name goods on Dhgate or Aliexpress are blocked or removed.

To avoid being scammed, use Paypal or a Virtual Credit Card that is attached to your regular credit card.

The idea here is to add layers of protection. With a credit card, you can file a charge back if the seller never sends you the item or sends an item that is totally different then what is pictured.

Using Paypal also helps by allow you to open a dispute if the seller fails to deliver the item.

What you want is a way to recover that money. Always avoid paying with Western Union or Bank Transfers. This is only recommended if you have established a base trust with your supplier.

Avoid at all costs as it is so easy to never see that money again.

Now that you have you have a product in mind, search it on Alibaba. There should be a list of suppliers all offering that item. The good part here is that you can negotiate the price with them if you find a good supplier.

The best part about Alibaba is that you can filter with Gold seller, Assessed seller and Onsite checked; thus, making it easier to find a legitimate seller.

Browse through them and find the best possible one.

When assessing the quality, also make sure to order a test sample so you can personally check it. This can be repeated with multiple items you are particularly interested in selling. This is one option to go to.

Is It Safe To Buy From Aliexpress & Alibaba?

Source Products For eBay With Terapeak

A second option involves using Terapeak.
What is it?
It is a online tool that displays what is the hottest and most profitable items terapeak-for-ebayselling on eBay now.
Here is some more features as stated on their website.
  • Discover the top selling items on eBay with the highest sell-through rates.


  • Understand eBay’s seasonal trends for the hottest selling products.


  • Learn how to list the best selling items on eBay, more profitably.
The best part about Terapeak is that you can try them out for a full week to see how you like it.
It is a very useful tool if you hit a wall when scavenging for profitable items.
They have various plans which are on a per month basis. They range from $30 to $50.
The $30 package is for stats on one site which would be the US site.
If you want to hit the international eBay sites, then this would be the $50 package for all of them including eBay Motors.
Currently, they are running a special which is $20 for the $50 package.
They also have a trial so you can try before you buy. That is option to and saves the frustration of finding a product.
If your low on cash and prefer to pay a one time fee, try out hot item finder for eBay.
Find loads of hot selling products with one click!

Source Products For eBay With Salehoo

salehoo-ebayOur last option is finding pre-screened suppliers/distributors. There is certain sites or forums that offer supplier lists that they have been tested and came out positive.
One site that has a lot of positive reviews is Salehoo.
What is Salehoo?
Salehoo’s purpose is to find HOT SELLING items from trusted suppliers and allow you to resell them for big INSTANT profits online.
How does this work? Salehoo personally screens each supplier, insuring that you are left with the best quality items and trustworthy supplier.
What is also great about them is that they have a built in search tool much like Terapeak where you can also find items that are profitable.
There price is $67 to become a member for a full year and also offer a 60 day money back guarantee which is a good if you find out it is not for you.
There you have it! 3 options to successfully source products to sell on eBay and make some money! Like everything, this may be for some and others it is not.
It is best to try all three options to see what  works best with you.