FAQ On Suspensions, Limitations & Downright Stupidity

Why Do I Get Suspended On eBay All The Time?

There is no definitive answer on that.

If there was, not a single person would be suspended.

The secret would be out and everyone would be selling with no issues!

However, that is not the case.

Only reoccurring theme involved in suspensions is blacklisted IPs, cookie similarities with banned accounts, selling of high-risk items (fakes, replicas, VeRo, etc),  scamming people, etc.

The key to success when it comes to eBay is to take it slow and to always use multiple accounts or at least have back-ups.

I Got 0 Item Selling Limit! What’s The Dealio?!

If you got 0 item limit before listing, then more likely than not, you have been linked or you’re using a blacklisted phone.

“But I used Google Voice?!”

Correct, as of recent, Google voice has been the culprit of all 0 selling limits.

Not to mention many VoIP services, free texting apps, and most phone forwarding do not work like they used to.

If you want to avoid the 0 item selling limit, it is best to go with prepaid phones such as Tracfone.

On another note, you could also face it even though you use Tracfone.

It is hard to pinpoint what information you were linked to, but it is best to scratch the account.

One other possibility as well is using fake information such as addresses that do not exist or information of people who simply do not exist.

Can we prove it? Not really, as most of the account information we tend to use is of people who do not exist at all.

Can I Use A New eBay Account With My Old PayPal?

No, no, no and no.

Any similar information that ties you to two accounts will get you suspended.

This, of course, is true if your eBay account was suspended.

However, if your eBay account is good, you can open a second one using the same info; different email and user ID.

Although you simply can’t add accounts that have previously suspended accounts as the example above, but there is a way to do it without getting caught.

The method involves the use of Cartmanager.

Cartmanager can help you use your old PayPal account or new PayPal account by accepting payments via the Cartmanager platform.

You can accomplish this by linking your eBay account via a token based sync and then edit settings as necessary for the payment process.

Choosing the option to have the invoice automatically sent to the buyer after the listing ends gives the buyer an invoice so he/she can pay via there.

Now you must remember, not all buyers will pay the invoice and will skip that and pay using the eBay checkout process.

It is so ingrained in buyers that you would need to send a message to them or specify in your listing to pay via the invoice.

Requires more work, but that is another road you can take if you plan to use new accounts with old, old with new or vice versa.

How To Avoid A PayPal Limitation?

Very hard to say as this is like saying how can you avoid eBola.

Too many factors, too many uncertainties & to many possibilities out of your control.

Only suggestion we can give:

  • Create back-ups
  • Avoid large transactions when possible or at least spread them among many accounts.
  • Do not keep large amounts of money no send large amounts to your existing accounts.
  • Withdraw in increments.
  • Pray as much as possible.

What Actions Provoke A PayPal Limitation?

There is so many & impossible to narrow down to just one.

Most common ones are:

  • Too much money in the account.
  • Suspicious activity (PayPal is very general about this).
  • Etc.

Other not so common include:

  • Fault business practices.
  • Unusual activity than normal.
  • Shift in business practices.
  • Inactivity with sudden surge of transactions.
  • Other weird and ridiculous reasons that PayPal hasn’t come up with.

Can I Add Two eBay’s To One PayPal?

Of course!

This is good to expand the selling limits a bit, spread some risk around the account and avoid delays when the account gets a restriction.

We offer them here in the shop and find them to be more beneficial than one account with the 10/$1000 limit.

The only extra requirement you will need is another email to create the other account, other than that, it is still the same process of creating them.

Now two accounts is not the max, we have read people having up to 8 eBay accounts to one PayPal.

That is a bit over the top, but eBay & PayPal allow it.

Just remember, if one account gets suspended, the rest will fall shortly after.

Can A Suspended eBay Account Be Reinstated?

The possibility is there.

How big of a possibility? Entirely up to eBay.

There have been a few instances where suspended sellers with a good reputation have gotten reinstated.

Those instances were very few. When we mean very few…we mean very few.

Reinstatement attempts lasted for months on end back and forth with eBay.

If you are willing to go at it back and forth and endure headaches after headaches with long wait times, that is entirely up to you.

To answer this question, if it is a permanent suspension, no.

A suspension with a chance to appeal? Still a possibility.

Can I Use Unverified PayPal Accounts For Receiving & Sending?

Short answer…yes!

Verified status tends to be over rated and not necessary.

Only time verified status would matter is where your buyers would rather pay to a verified account or third party applications, sites, etc require them.

Other than that, verified status isn’t necessary for receiving and sending. More on that here.

With unverified PayPal accounts, there are no receiving limits but there is a sending limit.

The spending limit can be raised by adding a credit card and confirming it.

But you will know that adding a bank does nothing for raising the sending limits…actually it doesn’t do anything except giving you the verified status.

A confirmed credit card or a VCC is responsible for most of what you can do with PayPal.

Skip the bank, go with the card if you plan to send and receive on the account and not perform any withdraws.