Ebay’s Update Listing Features On Ebay Motors

Updates coming to eBay Motors Vehicles will provide your buyers with the best-in-class experience and make eBay, more than ever, the best way for you to sell vehicles online. Starting in April, your vehicle listings will appear in the same new, improved, easy-to-scan search results experience as the rest of eBay.com—no matter how or where on eBay a buyer searches. That means that all searches for vehicles will also be driven by eBay’s advanced search technology and Best Match default sort to make sure your listings are seen by the most interested buyers.
Starting February 4, a handful of additional changes will take place as a result of this update:
Two new listing features will be available to highlight your listings in this new experience:
Subtitle: Include a detailed keyword string for your vehicle which is prominently displayed along with your title and used by buyers and by search to get your listing found.
Value Pack: Get Subtitle, Gallery Plus, and Listing Designer features all at a discounted fee for the most selling power. Gallery Plus allows buyers to roll over your picture in search results and see a magnified version. With Listing Designer, you can add an attractive theme to your listing with just a few clicks.
Some features replaced by the new feature options or not supported in the new search experience will be retired: ProPack, Highlight, Border, Listing Icons, and Featured Plus!.
The Supersize Pictures feature option will now be free and standard on all listings.
Fee updates are coming for the following features: Reserve, 10-day duration, 21-day duration and Auction-BIN. These listing options continue to give you the most powerful and cost-effective way to sell your vehicles online and reach the broadest possible audience of interested buyers.
Learn more about how these updates will impact your listings.