eBay’s Top Rated Seller Requirements Now More Stricter!



In what is sure to be perceived as bad news by many small eBay sellers, the company said its stricter requirements for maintaining Top Rated Seller status is working – meaning it’s unlikely to relax its tough TRS standards. At last week’s Analyst Day, Senior VP of eBay North America Christopher Payne said higher standards for TRS sellers has had a significant impact on its business.

One of last year’s changes requires TRS sellers to upload tracking information within handling time on 90 percent or more of their U.S. transactions. At the time, this was very controversial – and it continues to be so. I received the following email from a seller just last week:

I have been selling on Ebay since 1998 and consider myself a Top Rated Seller, but not according to Ebay and their Tracking Number Policy. I have a near perfect high Feedback Rating with nary any complaints. I ship within one business day and customer gets their product very quickly.

Here’s the problem. I sell a low priced product (average selling price about $12.00). I ship it in a #10 business envelope with a 66 cent stamp for USA and $1.10 global stamp for International.

Now, to comply with Ebay’s rules, I would have to pay about $1.69 for USA and $6.16 for International shipping. Ebay’s 20% discount off Final Value fee does NOT make up for the increased postage costs.

Ebay’s Tracking Number Policy for this is unfair for our type of product. Does anyone know if Ebay is going to modify this?


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