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eBay Selling Limits Have Changed On Your Account

eBay Selling Limits Have Changed? What Does This Mean?

eBay Selling Limits – At one point or another, you might have been faced with this message during your business.

Often, this has been issued by eBay at the oddest times.

Many sellers are often confused as to why their eBay selling limits have gone from 10 items all the way down to 0 items at $0 a month. Is it a glitch? A mistake?

Based on what we know, these drastic cuts in selling limits are tied to your activity, personal information & items you sell.

These are not just the main reasons, but they seem to play a significant role in the decision to reduce your selling limits.

We cannot touch upon other reasons as it could be endless and may at times sound very exaggerated as well.

But the fact of the matter is, throughout the years, and the changes eBay has undergone. It should come to no surprise that eBay will make odd decisions and reasons to do what they do.


How Can It Be Tied To My Activity?ebay mc999 suspension

It may not be directly correlated, but we do see on such suspicious activity such as quick sales on new accounts can warrant a decrease in selling limits.

If you notice, selling high ticket item or even a high cost item as the first item on your new account can provoke an eBay MC999 verification suspension.

Typically these are easy to have lifted, but afterward, there is still the possibility of eBay cutting your selling limits in half or even to 0.

To easily combat this would be to read…and read lots of information on running multiple stealth accounts.

Knowing the ins and outs as to how eBay traces you and picks up on suspicious activity can help you prevent these selling limit decreases.

The main point to take away in this would be to not draw attention to your activity.

 Using False Or Questionable Personal Information?

Our speculation is that it plays a significant role in eBay’s decision to reduce your limits.

Why do we say that?

Well for one, when eBay makes the reduction, they send you an email as to the reason they made the decision.

In the email, it states that they cannot verify your information, and they would like you to verify your information by going to a page to have your selling limits increase automatically.

 How Can I Increase My Selling Limits? Can your eBay selling limits be increased automatically?

Sure! But lately, eBay has made it more difficult to getting selling limit increases as well forcing sellers to call in for verification.

If your personal information does not match up to a database that eBay uses for verification, your selling limits will reduce.

Don’t take our word for it, as some sellers do not get caught with it, and others do.

It is a slippery slope.

A drawback to using personal information that ties into someone who exists, but have no permission to use.

ebay mc999 suspensionPossibilities of fraud are added to the picture.

Information that doesn’t pertain to anyone under those details are a better alternative (however; using your personal details are best, but eBay shot that out the window) to avoiding fraud and legality issues.

The drawback here is, eBay cannot verify your information and will at times reduce your overall selling limit.

Much of this too, is up in the air and is not true for all sellers.

What Items That I Sell Ca Cause Selling Limit Decreases?

As mentioned above, listing high ticket items, high-risk items, high-cost items or any item that eBay deems as risky can provoke a seller decrease.

Obviously listing high-risk items on new accounts can result in an eBay verification suspension.

Not all the time, but most of the time it happens.

If you are lucky to get past that, there is still chances of eBay decrease your selling limits.

Typically we sell high-risk items on our accounts, and some make it alive, others just hit the floor.

The sellers who do make it alive end up having a decrease total selling limits.

It could be because we had listed a very high-risk item or high cost item that triggered the alarm with eBay and they want to know more about you.

Or your account was picked out of the blue for a verification process.

Can you prevent this?

Not to our knowledge or at least not any tactics that we know of.

The only thing we can suggest would be to build up the account, i.e., feedback, seller ratings & trust with eBay and you should be in the clear for now.

We would like to say these are the top reasons why the reduce your selling limits, but sadly we cannot. We can only speculate, but we cannot say the inner workings of eBay are made to be predictable.

All sellers should know by now that eBay is unpredictable and many times very odd and ridiculous too.

Your best safeguard is to stay up to date. Who knows what eBay will do in the future for the buyers and sellers.