eBay & Paypal Faced With Lawsuits! What This Means For You!

Finally! A lawsuit! Serves these companies right for unfair practices & policies against eBay sellers. You’re among many, that are sick of the horrid policies, scams, incomprehensible outcomes and lost money with Paypal. The 3852-101413-gs3852current trend with the ever increasing buyer scams & defrauding sellers gives a two punch attack on both eBay & Paypal.

Who Filed The Claim You Ask?

An honest eBay seller by the name of Maggie Campbell filed the lawsuit in 2012. Maggie, if you happen to find our post, thank you and everyone else who contribute to making the lawsuit happen! There is a good chance it will gain traction and draw other sellers who are abused by eBay & Paypal.

Fun Doesn’t Stop There

Just recently, the federal judge ruled that eBay are to face another class action lawsuit. This lawsuit you may be familiar with the complications & policies imposed by eBay. The lawsuit consists of seller fees off sales that were not fully completed or fell through or delisted. In this case, eBay required sellers to pay fees on those listings to which is absurd.

All sellers are sick of the foolish policies imposed by both. Hopefully this slap in the face sends a message to the people to the people at eBay & Paypal. Otherwise, more lawsuits are not too far off from being placed once again.