eBay Account Suspended? Paypal Limited?

We get a lot of questions asking us what happens after my eBay account gets suspended or my Paypal gets limited. First off, we recommend to read as much as possible on how to remain anonymous and avoid drawing attention to your accounts. This can be from using duplicate IPs, using public wifis, not linking to suspended accounts, not listing to quickly, avoiding the use of proxies, and many other techniques that draw suspicion to your account. By researching and learning how to operate these type of accounts, then you can prevent a suspension or limitation 90% of the time. We have our guide that goes into much more detail and will allow you to get a full grasp on how to run the accounts from A to Z.

Why Not Start With The Free Incognito Guide?

Secondly, we recommend back-ups. Why? It allows you to pop right back to selling after one of you account gets hit. It allows the use of multiple amount of sales spread on many accounts. Avoids drawing attention to one account, takes most of the work of using only one account and having back-ups will not put a damper in your sales. Now you can go two routes, you can either buy verified ebay accounts with the corresponding paypal account attached or you can create many accounts  yourself to little or no cost and let them sit until you are ready to use them. Which ever way you decide, you can be assured that you have your plan B ready as soon as one of your account gets suspended or hit with an unexpected limitation.