Amazon stealth account
How To Create A New Amazon Stealth Account From Scratch

Being banned on Amazon sucks. Losing money sucks even more.

Amazon denying your appeal sucks on top of everything else.

Most sellers would forego Amazon altogether for eBay as a last resort.

But why give up the one place that has made you money? Just because you are banned from Amazon doesn’t mean you are gone for good.

If you want to get back on, you need to go covert while eliminating any possible trace of your previously banned account.

Here is a simple how-to guide as shared by a fellow member on the blackhatworld forums.


1) NEW PC or VPS ( I would Recommend you Buy a New PC ( Low Configuration PC will work fine if you don’t have enough money to spend ) or a Cheap VPS ($10/Month) which can be used With Private Proxy )

2) 1 Private Proxy ( I use proxy-n-vpn they have a BST over Here , you can buy single proxy for $2.50/month)
No Need to change Your ISP ( In my case my ISP Provides Dynamic IP. but to be on a safe side i use Private Proxy). You can also use USB Dongle or change ISP if you can spend some extra bucks to be more on the safer side . But for me, same ISP is working fine with new router and PP.

3) New Router if you plan to Buy a New PC ( Because Amazon tracks Router’s MAC Address)

4) VCC from Entropay or Amazon AVS VCC from us if you want to spend Money on Amazon Ads. I use my friends CC for my stealth account.


5) New gmail ID , email id should look simple not a complex one or suspicious one .

6) New Phone No. ( i use Magic Jack App ) $14 for a US No. for 1yr . or $2.50/month

7) New Name and Address from Fake Name Generator .

8) New Bank Account ( I use my Brother’s/mom/Dad and Friend’s Accounts) Make sure not to enter FULL Name of the “Bank Account Holder’s Name” on Amazon , Just use 1st name if you are using you family member’s account because Amazon might link it with your previously banned acc. for similar sir names ) Also never use Fake names or else Payments will be reversed for a Name Mismatch .

Now once you have all the above things Ready you can Create your Stealth Seller Account with your gmail id and follow the on screen steps to complete the signup process.

How To setup Your Stealth Account:

1) Power Up you new New Machine .

2) Set Up your new Router .

3) Install Firefox and Foxy Proxy Add-on so that you can setup you Private Proxy With it.

4) Once you have your private proxy loaded to Foxy Proxy make sure its working fine by checking your IP Address.

5) Note down the location and Zip code of your proxy , this info can be found on . We will be using same location and zip code in our stealth account while entering the Address just to be on safe side .

6) Create your gmail acc. and verify it with your magic jack No.

7) Now create your stealth seller account with the newly created Gmail account .

8) Now from fakenamegenerator find exact address that matches your IP Location and Zip . Use this address on your seller acc. as a Business Address .

9) Now complete remaining steps like adding CC , Phone Verification and TAX , While entering Tax form use NON-US as a Legal Address and Non-US Resident or else you will need to provide SSN No. .

That’s It once all steps are done your Stealth Acc. is Setup and you are ready to list your 1st Item …



  • Before Opening your Seller account make sure your proxy is Running .
  • Keep your PC Password Protected so that no one else logs in to his/her Amazon Account, which can lead your and his/her account interlinked because amazon tracks Browser footprints
  • Never use same selling pattern on your stealth acc.
  • Start selling slowly when your acc. is under reviews for 30 days .
  • Build up seller feedback and reviews on your product
  • Never use same or identical names or address on your stealth acc.
  • never use suspicious emails while registering your sTealth acc.

For all those who want’s to open Stealth Accounts on VPS Make sure to use Private Proxy if your VPS is on shared IP.