Why Buyers Shoot First & Ask Questions Later – Abuse Of The PayPal System

Sellers are at the mercy of buyers and stringent policies of eBay & PayPal.

Often, there are times in which you can never please the customer no matter what you try to do.

You can lay the red carpet down, but there is always some bad eggs out there who will take advantage of PayPal’s system.

In eBay & PayPal’s world, they could care less; well, most of the time at least.

If you Google many of the eBay buyer scams, you will see the abuse of the system.

Worst of all, eBay & PayPal allow it.

Take for example the eBay buyer protection program or the guarantee policy.

“Get the item you ordered or your money back!”

We see where eBay wants to make it safe and play like Amazon, but they are going after it the wrong way.

The program has some vulnerabilities to it:

  • Buyers can make claims, keep the item and get their money back.
  • Make false claims, misrepresent information, send you back bricks or anything of that nature instead of the original item.
  • Buyer has the upper hand where they can literally just get their money back with little effort.

Although with eBay being the largest auction site on the net, many sellers are fleeing to other sites.

Much of the discussions & countless threads all have a speculation that many sellers are fed up and closing out their stores.

We don’t blame them either!

It is like walking with 4 tons of bricks on your back.

Eventually, something has got to give.

The only remedy to fighting these fraudulent disputes is to document everything, ship with signature confirmation and provide as much evidence as humanly possible.

If that doesn’t work, calling eBay or PayPal up and explaining your side of the story should do it.

As long as eBay has their guarantee policy in place, buyers will continue to exploit it.

See an example case here: https://www.theguardian.com/money/2016/apr/25/ebay-seller-beware-buyer-guarantee-exploited-scammers