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2 Easy Ways To Increasing Your eBay Selling Limits

If you want to have your SELLING LIMIT increased, you may do two of these things: Call eBay after 30 days and asked them to increase your selling limits AND YOUR Selling Value as well. If you only ask for one of those, for example, you just ask them to increase your listing limits and […]

Is There Really A True eBay Alternative To Sell On?

Recently, many sellers even buyers have wondered if eBay could be rivaled in terms of popularity. There is always a possibility to which Amazon comes to mind. With the increasing fees, strict policies & no remorse for the sellers, many have turned to some viable eBay alternatives. They may not be a good replacement for […]

Why Buyers Shoot First & Ask Questions Later – Abuse Of The PayPal System

Sellers are at the mercy of buyers and stringent policies of eBay & PayPal. Often, there are times in which you can never please the customer no matter what you try to do. You can lay the red carpet down, but there is always some bad eggs out there who will take advantage of PayPal’s system. […]

How To Avoid Getting Your Amazon Account Suspended – Infographic

If you have never been suspended on Amazon before, chances are, you are doing something right. Every now and then, Amazon seems to sweep the floor of sellers with suspensions, restrictions and who knows what else. But do all know the exact reasons for those suspensions? Not quite…but you can use these preventive measures to […]


PayPal’s public face is very different from the private PayPal that many of us never see. While PayPal denies publicly they have a customer service problem, they admit they have a customer service problem in private. While PayPal denies publicly they don’t make any money off of your money, PayPal admits it in legal documents. […]

How To Create A New Amazon Stealth Account From Scratch

Being banned on Amazon sucks. Losing money sucks even more. Amazon denying your appeal sucks on top of everything else. Most sellers would forego Amazon altogether for eBay as a last resort. But why give up the one place that has made you money? Just because you are banned from Amazon doesn’t mean you are […]

Does February 20 Spell Disaster For All eBay Sellers?

What is so shocking about February 20? eBay’s new seller standards come into effect! The surprising thing about it is, many sellers are a bit worried about it. What is there to worry about anyhow? Come February 20, these following criteria will no longer count towards your defect rate: Buyer feedback. DSR’s (Detailed seller ratings.) […]

eBay Top Rated Sellers Could Lose Their Discounts To USPS Rate Hikes

Honest eBay sellers go through a lot just to receive a 20% Top Rated Seller discount on their final value fees and USPS Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP). On Sunday, January 17th the USPS phased out (CPP) taking away incentives for Top Rated sellers. Commercial Plus prices at USPS are going up by 13.3 percent. The […]

How to Cheat eBay Sellers and Scam PayPal Out Of Thousands!

The title is definitely misleading, but this is not a how-to guide on scamming eBay sellers or making thousands off of PayPal by gaming their system. This is more so on how good sellers are taken advantage of and why eBay & PayPal’s system is flawed towards buyers.  Here is one story submitted to us […]

eBay Buyers Getting MC999 Warnings For Buying To Many Deals On Their Site?

As odd as it may sound, some eBay buyers say they are getting into trouble for taking advantage of too many deals on its site. The following email from a reader caught my attention: “Have you got any reports of eBay account suspension due to multiple eBay Deals purchases over the Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend?” […]