Apple Pay? Big Contender For PayPal Perhaps?

10404-2618-3b21ff7052f12ca4faa0d6950b301b6c3a3a1f80_large_2x-lThe thought of Apple Pay just doesn’t jive with us. As much as we hate to admit that Paypal will crush Apple.

Apple has no traction to take down Paypal as a result.

If Apple pay is anything like their generation of Iphones, then we see no unique or revolutionary way for Apple to take over the market.

Apple has desperately tried to gain the interest of the consumer again, but Apple hasn’t been faring well with the products they have been releasing lately.

As far as PayPal goes, users love them eBay buyers demand them like the bible. However; ChannelAdvisor noted that overall auction sales were down 11%. R.J. Hottovy who is an analyst with Morningstar predicts eBay’s stocks are falling because Apple didn’t hint about partnering with PayPal for their payment platform.

We think otherwise! eBay’s stocks are falling not because of Apple pay or hints, but rather because eBay sellers are leaving! On another note, thieving buyers who game the system and file disputes for ridiculous reasons are chasing sellers out. Not to mention the rules and strict standards eBay is holding sellers too, it shouldn’t come as a shock as to why their reputation and stocks are taking a hit.

Back to Apple Pay which quite frankly will never work. Take Google checkout for example. Although closed out, we much rather use them to process payments. Easy to use, can accept credit cards, transfers within a day. Best of all…no baggage to deal with like PayPal gives to users.

Sadly, Google checkout is gone, but Google wallet has taken its place. Unfortunately, they are only used for digital & intangible goods.

Many people see Apple merging with PayPal for better services. This doesn’t seem reasonable at all or serve any purpose for Apple creating their own processor.

Defeats the whole idea of Apple trying to take over the payment processing market if they end up merging. If Apple knew what is good for them, they should try and not produce reinventions of their previous productions.