Amazon VCCs – Do They Work As Of Recent?

Getting back on Amazon is difficult enough…selling on Amazon and staying a seller is even more difficult.

When surprises come, they hit hard when you least expect it.

Last fallout happen to be loss of access to seller accounts without notice. This happens frequently if Amazon has any suspicion you are a suspended seller.

Scary stuff for sure!

Losing access is definitely scary, but what makes matters worse is the fact that they do not give you any funds or disbursements in the process.

Wait what?

Yes, any money you make with them to the point of losing access is gone for good in certain cases.

Don’t believe us?

Check out this thread on the Aspkin forums.

This is just one of the many pitfalls of selling on Amazon, but another is starting to emerge in recent comings.



All Amazon Credit Card Options Are Becoming Extinct!

We have experienced it, other sellers have experienced it & now more users are starting to give credibility to the fact.

It appears as though many options for credit cards to be used with Amazon are becoming useless.

Take Vanilla Visa, great card for eBay & PayPal, horrible for Amazon.

Those gift cards are not working as they use to…pretty much almost any gift card & virtual credit card for that matter are not working.

Very few cards have been stated to work such as the Amex gift cards; however, certain users have issues with them not working.

Is this the end of Amazon seller accounts?

Absolutely not, but it does make it much more difficult to find cards or sellers that can keep with the times.

Yes, our VCC’s in the past have been known not to work, but we have recently discovered that one card we use has been working flawlessly.

They are not gift cards, but indeed a real credit card with a full year expiration.

Can we guarantee they work?


We are so confident if they don’t work, we will issue a replacement or your money back.

We have had several customers and numerous Amazon accounts we open work without issue.

If you are interested, check them out here.

Since they are working for the time being, it is hard to say whether they will get canned by Amazon. So far so good is all we can say.

Since this is the first credit card we tried with Amazon, we have yet to try others and confirm on their effectiveness.

Until then, the only ones we can confirm would work would be Amex cards and various credit cards that give you the option to open virtual cards.

One example would be Bank of America’s credit card. If you can get any such credit card with the ability to generate virtual credit cards, you are solid!

Netspend cards and any other prepaid options do not work as we have confirmed them to cause issues with Amazon.

Until other solutions have come up to the Amazon credit card fiasco, we will have an updated list created.