If You Are An Amazon Seller – Be Cautious Of This One Factor!

Amazon is the biggest competitor for eBay and for many good reasons. Often, we sell on Amazon for quite awhile and love the no BS fee structure and product listings. However, lately Amazon has started to become much more stricter on their policies. For example, your restricted from selling on certain categories like software, automotive parts, jewelry, or handbags unless approved

We can understand that for sure considering eBay’s governing policies had open them up to lawsuits and copyright infringement. Amazon surely does not want to head in the same direction and lose their credibility over it either. Amazon goes through great lengths to keep their overall brand as the go to, trusted source for online shopping.

There comes a time when it becomes a pain when you’re selling on Amazon. There are buyers that you go above and beyond human interaction and customer service and they are still not satisfied.

As a result, they leave negative feedback or false claims at times which goes against your seller credibility. Amazon then takes action on your account and ends up holding money  for 90 days and restricting your account altogether.

If they give you a chance to appeal, that is a good sign to get your account reinstated. If not, you are out of luck. It doesn’t take much to make Amazon take action on your account. What makes it worse? Opening a new Amazon account undetected is almost impossible. Keeping it running smoothly without worrying about Amazon catching you? Forget about it! Near paranoia!


A couple of months ago, we use to offer amazon accounts for sale. Not to many sellers of Amazon accounts exist to begin with and we know why! Normally for opening new eBay & Paypal accounts, the process is fairly simple if you have been n the game for awhile. For Amazon it is much of the same process, but many speculate that it is not so simple as they say.

For starters, the IP issue tends to get everyone on edge about Amazon knowing what MAC address your router uses and when you go to sleep at night…well not that far, but there is a possibility. Can we confirm that? Not really nor can we confirm it is plausible. One issue we know that tends to have some credibility is the #1 factor to be very aware of.

Can They Really Do This To Your Amazon Seller Account!?

amazon-seller-bannedWhat is this #1 factor we keep on reiterating about? It is the fact that Amazon deletes seller accounts that have been traced to old seller accounts or if they have any suspicion of a past suspended seller.

What ever the case may be, all  we know is that Amazon gives no warning message, email or signs of presence that your account has been deleted.

There has been some instances where sellers were going great for a month or so of successful sales, then out of nowhere, they cannot log in to their Amazon account.

They were fairly certain they had the right log in details and even used password reset, but the results were very disturbing. No avail to each option and worst of all? They had money still sitting in the account!

Up to hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars still in the account with no hope of ever seeing that money! We should know! We had a couple of accounts that sold items with a balance of $500 and all of a sudden, cannot log in. A clear sign that I was linked or had suspicious activity that we were unaware of.

Other sellers have confirmed that they were unsuccessful of recovering that money. This is very important to know if you decide to make large amounts of sales on a new Amazon account. The simple thought in the back of your mind makes selling a lot more difficult.

Is There Really Any Way To Recover The Money?

To our knowledge, nothing that comes as a definitive way to recover the money. If you have large amounts of money, you may have a case, but many agree that the money is gone for good. This is one of those cases where it is very hard to determine when it will happen much like eBay suspensions & Paypal limitations. Only advice we can give in this instance would be very aware of the pitfalls of selling on Amazon.

The case with money being lost in an instant with no communication from Amazon is very real and damaging if over 50% of your income comes from them. Until then, we will continue to search for possible solutions to this matter. Amazon is the best competitor against eBay & platform to sell on with it’s large trust factor and high volumes of traffic. We would hate to see sellers go back to eBay when they are much worse for seller protection.