Is Aliexpress & Alibaba Safe To Buy Products From?

Aliexpress & Alibaba? Are they really safe for buying?

Very high chances, you have been wondering where to find the best items to sell on eBay. A variety of sites, sources & techniques to find potential items exist. One however we will touch upon comes from the safety of buying on Aliexpress or if Aliexpress in general is safe website to buy on.

Aliexpress & Alibaba Is Full Of Fake/Replica Goods!

One form or another, you might have heard this before. The rumor comes from branded goods that are passed off as authentic on Alibaba or Aliexpress. The notion is not entirely true, but it still holds some merit.

Yes, there is many sellersaliexpress-safe-to-buy-or-no offering what appears to be legitimate products such as

  • Microsoft
  • Sony
  • Kingston
  • Gucci
  • Rolex

One common pitfall is that it is hard to distinguish authentic from the fake by pictures or description alone.

The cold truth is you cannot buy authentic, branded products from Aliexpress for such a cheap price. You can buy generics or clones, but not the branded products.

Various reasons as to why you will not get quality branded items, it is almost near impossible.

The quality is sub-par at best & issues with legal repercussions are high.

To answer the question of buying products from Aliexpress is safe. It is not if you intend to buy branded goods which are specifically copyrighted in the USA.

Buying Generic Or International Based Brands

On the other hand, buying generics or established Chinese brand goods is permissible. Generic brand items are harmless and have no issues with the law.

There can be some quality items you can turn a profit on if you do some good market research. Here is our other guide to source products for eBay.

More often than not, we are able to find items other eBay sellers seem to sell by the dozen with good profit margins. There is also some good eBay tools to use to search for popular items that are currently selling in real time. Good way to spot a niche product and dominate the market!

Final Thoughts

Aliexpress is safe to buy from provided you go with sellers with positive feedback. The best aspect about Aliexpress over Alibaba is their feedback system; otherwise, it would be much more difficult to find quality sellers. All in all, it comes down to establishing trust with the supplier and making a long term business relationship with them.