Like most people, eBay as well as Amazon was a way to make a secondary income from selling household items all the way to retail type goods. More and more people have found out that eBay has suspended their accounts or have sided with buyers for ridiculous claims that these buyers have filed. As a result of that, negative feedback tarnishes the account and eBay then imposes restrictions or suspensions; thus making it even harder to sell. Amazon on the other hand are more strict and have policies that must be adhere to. One negative comment or feedback on your Amazon seller account and you are banned. We are committed to helping you to get back to selling or begin to sell for first timers.

What Does Auction Essistance Offer?

We offer services that will enable you to get back onto eBay or Amazon ranging from pre-made eBay & Paypal accounts or verification tools. We guarantee our accounts are legitimate and not hacked or stolen like most other sellers offer. We personally buy from other sellers to check the legitimacy of the accounts in order to help you avoid potential scams and frauds. If you would like to know more or would like a price list, please click the “contact us” button to get started.


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