10 Best Ebay Apps For Sellers & Buyers

No matter if you’re a dedicated bidder sniping the greatest deals , or simply possibly one of the thousands of specialist vendors plying your business on eBay,you’ll comprehend that keeping in addition your eBay activity can be a headache.

Nevertheless it doesn’t have to be so uncomfortable .

Thankfully, there’s a rising selection of programs to create your life easier .

Just where if you decide to start ?

The Top 10 Best eBay Apps For Sellers & Buyers

1 . Turbo Lister 2
If you’re advertising more than a fistful of items, Turbo Lister 2, eBay’s totally free listing gadget really should be the primary application you master. It may not be the prettiest or nearly all stable of programs, but it’s overall performance outweighs the confusion of the inconsiderate crash. Use the in-built HTML editor to design impressive listings and manage and manage your auctions in bulk. Don’t forget to synchronize your data before and after each session, customize your columns, and check any changes to listing fees.

2 . eBay Companion for Firefox
eBay’s free Sidebar Companion is a necessity if you’re an eBay adherent. With it’s built in Accounts Guard, it’s less dangerous too. An eBay spokesperson told me “eBay Sidebar was engineered closely with Mozilla, and can be downloaded as a plug in, or more uniquely as an component pre-added to the web browser. We’ve had well over a million downloads and very favorable feedback from users.”

3 . eBay Deal Finder & eBay Pulse
Deal Finder is eBay’s free, much to their disbelief underplayed, all in one portal that creates searching a offers a doddle. Look for items within a some price range, those ending shortly, or check out probably the most web searches. eBay Pulse also ought to get your focus if you’re a seller wanting to know what’s in fashion, and who are the largest sellers in your category.

4 . Terapeak
Freshly acquired by eBay’s to upgrade their now retired Marketplace Research, Terapeak is essential for any eBay retailer seeking to glean valuable insights into what’s selling, who’s selling it, and for how much . Frooition’s Andrew Main is a fan: “It is easy and intuitive to use and can effectively inform your product purchase decisions – helping you to run a better business.” At around $30 per month it’s a sensible investment for any successful eBay business.

5 . Just Ship It
Just Ship It’s simple to use interfaces lets you download all sold items and create invoices, labels and picking lists and reduces the time spent in packing and shipping your products. It functions with the eBay API to pull sales and customer data allowing you to easily print invoices, labels, store customer data. It’s also combined with the Royal Mail PPI, which could save your hours every day. A no-brainer for £10 per month. Aimco Packing Partner is also another popular option.

6 . Consulting Bulk Relister
Don’t possess the time and energy to master the challenges of Turbo Lister? Bulk Relister is probably not an interesting program but it makes mass editing your listings ( over 27 variables ) in a painless task. Chris Dawson, co-founder of eBay blog TameBay.com enthuses: “if you just want to revise a few listings, Bulk Reviser does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a good tool – it’s a very quick, easy and efficient way to bulk revise your listings’ attributes”. It’s well reviewed, and the UK version is £39 .95

7 . Goofbay
Goofbay is probably not as meaty as Terapeak but it’s totally free and provides you with a selection of useful tools including Seller History which will help you gauge what a seller has sold and how much they have made, ‘Negative Feedback Checker’ which allows you to form an eBay users feedback into neutrals and negatives and the ‘Not in Title Checker’ search for keywords. It also consists of an auction sniper to enable you to aim for bargains at the last minute. If you’re very high on bid sniping, AuctionSniper is a very useful tool, too.

8 . FrooitionBase eBay Store and Listing Design Tool
The most profitable sellers on eBay know the value of a appealingpractical listing and shop frontage . Frooition’s brand new entry-level eBay store and listing design option is just the solution if you’re on a limited budget. Like their professional eBay design services, it deals with all areas of your brand on eBay and simplifies the method of getting listings looking professional and performing effectively without flailing around with HTML. You can also sign up for a free 30 day trial and it’s £15 per month thereafter.

9 . eBay Research Labs Bay Estimator
Your eBay listing title is normally the most important ‘real estate’ of your eBay listings and with eBay’s Best Match algorithms, it’s crucial that you get the title right from the beginning. eBay Research Lab’s Bay Estimator is one more of eBay’s little-known gems which perceives the relative popularity of the keywords in your title, and estimate how well it may work. The only draw backs for UK users is that it’s US based but the information it offers means it should be part of any seller’s toolkit.

10 . LetterMeLater
An unbelievable, but very useful, inclusion into our top ten. To-do lists are all very well and good, but if a situation needs to be accomplished six weeks ahead of time? If like me you need a little motivating now and again, LetterMeLater is the solution. Primarily used to schedule well in advance when and to whom an email is sent, I find it a gem when using it to remind yourself in advance or set recurring emails. Now – what was I supposed to be doing this coming Valentines day?


By Mark Buckingham

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