People Selling Ebay Accounts & To Those That Are Purchasing.

Buying An eBay Account For Sale & To Those That Are Purchasing


Now scavenging through the search results consisting of eBay, amazon & even paypal accounts for sale. We have noticed various websites popping up. If you are a buyer considering of purchasing one of these pre-made accounts, please be aware that they are not suspension proof if you do not take the necessary precautions of clearing cookies and using a different IP. If none of those are taken, then your bought account that you thought was suspension proof is now gone. Clearing cookies and using a different IP will work for eBay & Paypal, but for Amazon, you must take even more precaution as there system can easily link a user to a suspended ebay account.


Going back to purchasing an eBay, PayPal or Amazon account for sale, please be aware when purchasing from various websites. Make sure to look up reviews and do as much research as you can about them to determine if they are a viable option. I purchased from one person that was based at a blog on blogspot and it turns out that they were hacked. Filed a dispute to get my money back because the user id and password did not work. I searched the account and came to realize that it was “Not A Registered User” or “NARU” for short. When buying, also ask for the user id to search it on eBay to see if you are getting a legitimate seller account.


I am posting this to help those who are looking but are confused on who to buy from with all the sites offering Ebay accounts for sale, Amazon accounts for sale, or even Paypal accounts for sale. Please do your research! Research is the key!

For more information, check out our write-up here: http://auctionessistance.com/ebay-account-sale/