Paypal Is Asking For Verification When Adding My Bank?

Just recently in the past few weeks, we have encountered an issue that consists of various attempts to add a virtual or regular (no significant difference between the two) bank account. Each and very attempt, PayPal prompts for phone verification.

Judging from other forums, it looks as though it is not just with us. Most likely, this will be throughout the holidays for the remainder of the time. Much like past holidays, security is bumped up by both eBay & Paypal.PayPal phone verification

With being in the suspension & limitation game for over 4 years, holiday seasons tends to be the worst for sellers. One common theme revolves around security changes & increase restrictions.

This verification phase can signal the beginning of this heighten security. This is one of the reasons why we hate the holiday time. It is like walking in a mine field, you never know when you will detonate the explosion.

Is There A Way Around Paypal’s Phone Verification?

Only credible & viable solution to solve it is to have access to the phone or at least have it active for the holiday. The phone must be the one registered to the account when you first signed up. Any other phones do not work if you add a new one when being prompt. It will give you an error stating that it is not the phone that belongs to the original account holder.

What We Recommend

If you do not have access or original phone active, than it is not a big deal. There is many ways to move money around in PayPal. It is also not a deal breaker either, you just will not have a verified PayPal account nor the ability to withdraw funds from the account. You can still use a unverified PayPal account to a certain extent, check out our eBay incognito Mini for more on that.

Since you will not have a verified Paypal account, your limit will be $500 monthly send and about $2000 receivable limit if we remember correctly. Those limits can quickly be lifted with a PayPal vcc or a regular debit card. 

Any other workaround at the moment is unknown aside from having the original phone number active. We expect this issue to last throughout the holiday, but if not, then that will just be another roadblock we are going to have to tear down.