PayPal Limitations Is A Common Occurrence

If you have not had one, well expect one because not one single user of Paypal is considered invisible.

The truth of the matter is, long time users of Paypal have noticed that it doesn’t matter if you been with them for several years, your account is still prone to limitation.

Many people are fed up with it and absolutely frustrated when it happens.

If you are a big time business that uses Paypal only, we advise to either have multiple PayPal accounts ready to switch back and forth or to get a merchant account. One way or another, if you have lots of money that you cannot afford to lose, then stop accepting Paypal immediately or get that money out as soon as possible.

Why Stop Accepting Paypal?


Well we did say that, but the hard truth is you cannot stop accepting them.

Paypal has made the reputation for being the easier, faster payment processor out there which caters to lots of people.

No matter how frustrating it is, buyers still insist on paying with Paypal.

It is an epidemic and at worse, sales slowly start to decline as you halt Paypal as your payment processor.

Paypal has brainwashed users into using them, so stopping them completely is almost near impossible unless you are okay with some decline in sales.

Best solution is to simply be alert and to not do any sort of action, activity that provokes a Paypal limitation.


What Causes My Paypal To Get Limited?

By far the most known cause would the limitations in which that are provoked by similar user information.

Whether that be from IP, cookies, address, phone, etc…this will surely promote a limitation in the eyes of Paypal.

It is against their policy to have multiple accounts; however they do allow you to have a business and personal, but would we trust that?

No, this is Paypal, they have been known for pulling a full 360 on their policies. They can turn on you the same way a trained tiger can.

Learn to get back on after being suspended or limited by eBay & PayPal.


What Paypal says, they do the opposite.

So this makes it more tricky in certain situations.

Another case involves suspicious activity.

What is suspicious activity?

Who knows, but from what is out there. Suspicious activity can mean IP is totally irrelevant to the address on the account, ie; German IP logging into a USA account or adding a vcc to your PayPal account when you pay.

Moving money quickly such as receiving funds and then sending a payment within a couple of hours or even withdrawing the money instantly.

Another case with withdrawing revolves around withdrawing big amounts like $500 in one shot or amounts higher then that.

paypal-lockedSome more suspicious activity can be in which Paypal sees activity that is different than normal.
What does that mean? We have no clue ourselves, I am guessing it has to do with an account sitting for months on end and then out of nowhere like 50 transactions within a span of a week. This is just our guess, but can be arbitrary.

How To Avoid A Paypal Limitation?


You can’t avoid it completely, but you can prolong it for as long as you can. Here are some rough guidelines that can help:

  • Don’t accept large payments for example $600 or more on a new eBay account. Build the account up then do it.
  • Don’t Send money right away. If you receive a payment especially large, do not send it right there and then. Yes, this does go against what we said about moving money out of the account as fast as possible, but leaving the money in the account for a day or two will allow you to hopefully bypass some scrutiny on Paypal’s end.
  • Don’t withdraw big amounts. Work your way up the ladder. Small withdraws to high withdraws.
  • Keep activity consistent
  • Selling fakes or scamming people. This is obvious and shouldn’t need any explanation.
  • Avoid using similar information
  • Avoid duplicate information
  • change IP and cookies
  • Always keep cookies unless you are cannot create a separate Windows or MAC user on your computer. Keeping cookies on the account greatly reduces suspicion.

There are probably others that I am missing, but these are some common actions that can mostly likely cause a Paypal limitation. If not now then sooner or later it will occur. Just be prepared if it does occur.

Have documents or whatever they request necessary in attempts to appeal it. The worst part is they deny the appeal, but you still get that money in 180 days.

Our only advice to those using Paypal for big transactions and lots of them for that matter, use multiple Paypal’s or get yourself a merchant account to process credit cards.

Always keep your options open and always study up stealth techniques. Great place for that would be by far the best resource for eBay suspensions & Paypal limitation advice.