Indefinite eBay Suspension Getting You Down? Amazon Banned? PayPal Limited?

Tired of being stuck and realizing that you cannot find a way to get a new eBay account after being suspended?

Well, there are some options and some pointers to creating a new ebay account. Some most agree, and others might just simply hate us for it. But hey, that is life.

The idea of creating a new ebay account is ideally for those who have faced an eBay suspension in one point or another through the course of their ebay dealings.

Are they unavoidable? Well no, eBay suspensions are not unavoidable as even highly invincible power-sellers have to be canned by the ebay man (hey that rhymes!).

But not all is gone if the dreaded eBay mc999 suspension or the indefinite suspension has hit your account. There is a way even after 15 years of dealing with eBay & Paypal. So let’s get down to the process of creating a new ebay account!

What Is Needed For A New eBay Account After Getting Suspended?new ebay account

New Name & Address For Your New EBay Account

Here are some requirements for getting a new eBay account with ease and without getting caught so to speak.

What you will need:

Ok, only joking about the new SSN and Drivers ID, but the new clothes we are serious about, you want to feel like James Bond when creating new accounts. So we will attack them one by one, and we will start with new email.

With email, you can use a variety of sources. Gmail is always the preferred, but you cannot forget Hotmail, AOL & Yahoo.

They are not bad, but most people would stick with gmail because of it’s ability to block web beacons or methods of obtaining information off your computer inside an email.

Is it true?

Not sure, but I think NSA has all your information to begin with, what more can they want? Sign up to either source and have your email account ready to start accepting emails for your new ebay account. Let us move on to name now!

Obviously doesn’t need to be fancy, nothing to complicated like Shimbabawe or Kuntat Borat or anything like that.

Just a name that you have not used on the account before and not of someone you know.

Well, you can, but don’t create the account under somebody who exists. Don’t want the feds to be chasing after you while you are James Bond. So once you have yourself an established name, time to hit the address!

Once again, nothing that is identical to the person’s name who you used.

So if you used Sally Mcbutter’s and the address 712 Butterball road and there is a Sally Mcbutter’s at 712 ButterBall Road, then stop while you can.

We said do not use someone that actually exists unless that is none other than you or your family.

You can use your kid, husband, wife, dog or even your imaginary friend Waldo (if you can find him), but not of someone who you don’t know or have permission to use.

eBay does verify information, so that will be the sticking point for the account. We think that is one less of a hassle rather than dealing with an account that is tied to somebody and IRS issues of course, can’t forget good ole’ Paypal to turn you over.

Phone? Check! Bank? Check! Credit Card? Check! Clothes?….

We now get into the more James Bond feeling here. New phone number! Who doesn’t like having a new phone number? We have like 5 of them and feel like a total banker when whipping out three phones in public.

The best place to get phones is either through, I believe still works, TracFones obviously still work, prepaid options such as At&T, T-mobile, etc, and good old granddaddy MagicJack.

I guess that commercial came in handy after all!

Now you are thinking,

“What about Google Voice?”

google-voice-ebay-paypalYes, we know about them, but from doing some digging of our own, it appears to us that Google voice causes issues with accounts either through restrictions or identity mishaps.

Can it be a coincidence?

Or just personal luck?

Not sure, Bermuda triangle can be a coincidence but we still wouldn’t set sail or fly there.

That would be up to you to decide on whether to use it or not. Any option as stated above will work.

You want to get yourself a number that matches the area code on the address you created.

If you cannot, no biggie as it doesn’t make or break the account. Once you have your number ready, it is time to set forth to the bank. Put on your gear because we are going in hard.

 Best Bank Account & Best Credit Card For Your New eBay Account!

We are not going to do shady practices or do any fraud type business here. If you want to do that, then you are subject to any of the consequences.

Anyway, enough of our ranting, back to the topic.

Getting a new bank account is fairly simple or it used to be before the Patriot Act was put in place.

Why was it put in place?

To prevent any acts of terrorism.

Before then, you can open up a bank account without the need of showing ID! Pretty cool, right?

But now, you must show ID in order to open a bank account, that should be no problem for you residents of the USA.

For those located outside the US, well…The only option would be Payoneer or some prepaid card with bank details.

Payoneer is notorious for being the best option for non-USA residents looking for a USA bank account.

For those of you that can get a bank account, here is a list of the best & worst bank accounts to use with Paypal for your new ebay account.



Best Banks For Paypal?


Bank Of America

Wells Fargo

Emmigrant Direct

Suntrust (although we were shut down with them for mismatched names) Not sure how it is now, proceed at your own risk though.

Capital One (Used to until the shut us down for mismatched names) Again, approach and use with caution.

Banks To Avoid With PayPal At All Costs?

Ally (only for withdrawing. Instant verify works like a charm)


American Express Savings (doesn’t work; we tried with eight different accounts)etrade-for-paypal?

And of course (drum roll please)….eTrade

With that information in mind, time to get our credit card, prepaid card, reloadable card or whatever card you can get.

For credit cards, you can use your debit card from the bank account that you opened up provided you opened up a checking rather than savings.

The only thing about the debit is that it won’t go through or shall we say; it is not AVS capable.

What ever address you feed it, it will not go through. The debit cards are typed to a specific billing address.

A good way around that is to use the debit card if you wanted to. You will just need to change the billing details on the Paypal or eBay to match the city, zip and state of the debit card. Doing so will confirm it and pass with flying colors.

If you want to avoid that, then opening up prepaid cards will work.

Some good prepaid card options are:

  • Simon gift cards
  • Vanilla Visas
  • Mango cards
  • Green Dot card
  • Rush card
  • Bluebird
  • Walmart prepaid cards

Pretty much any other prepaid option as you have a multitude of cards to select from.

Stay tuned as Auction Essistance will proudly be announcing it’s own prepaid card complete with frills and thrills. Jokes aside, it will be a possibility for us though sometime!

For prepaid cards, any good old prepaid card should do.

Load that bad boy up with the required amount pay the fee and walk out of the store feeling like a boss with your prepaid card in hand and new bank account with that fresh smell of 50 new checks in the wallet!

New IP & Cleaned Set Of Cookies And Milk

Let us recap shall we of what we have now:

  • Email √
  • Name √
  • Address√
  • Phone√
  • Bank√
  • Credit Card√
  • New Clothes√
  • IP
  • Cookies

What we are missing off that list is the IP and cookies. New IP can be obtained through various methods, VPN, VPS or through your cable modem.

For those that have static IP rather than dynamic, you can use tethering, VPN or a VPS. VPS would be a better option just for the fact that it is easy and it is simply cool connecting to another computer.

Something about it makes us feel like a Russian hacker.russian-hacker-boris

VPN’s are good but can be deadly if you are using a free one or one that has shared IP’s.

The ones we recommend and from what success people have witnessed is StrongVPN and PureVPN.

These are just two options we know, but using a service that offers dedicated IPs is your best line of attack.

With the VPS, you won’t have to worry about that as much when setting up your new eBay & Paypal account.

Another thing we want to point out about the VPS is the fact that it will have it’s own set of cookies which is absolutely perfect and saves you from having to clear your cookies every time.

For VPS, anyone one is good except for the shared VPS ones.

Dedicated VPS are always good.

Just like the VPN, VPS you will pay a monthly fee for them. How much? Depends on the specifications you request for the VPS. You can always go for the Amazon EC2 VPS.

As mentioned above, if you are deciding to go with a VPS, then there is no need to clean or rid your computer of cookies.

That is unless of course your a neat freak like us and like to clear junk off your computer from time to time, but when dealing with VPS, it’s not necessary.

With VPN’s, that is a different story as you will need to clean the cookies off to avoid being traced when setting up your new ebay account.

Ccleaner has been thrown out there as a good software, we use the business edition.

There is others, but the only one we know is the ccleaner which you can download here. Load it on your computer and let that beast clean your computer like nobodies business!

Ok, now we can add checkmarks to our IP and Cookies & Milk requirements!

You are finally ready to set-up your new eBay account. This step is obviously self-explanatory since setting up an eBay account is fairly simple.

Short On Time? Let Us Set Up The Account For You! See Here For More Details