eBay MC999 Suspensions Are A Common Outcome Compared To A Few Years Ago.

What has suddenly changed that is now egging more eBay accounts to be suspended as of recent?

The problem can manifest with so many variables, reasons that can invoke an eBay suspension.

For one, eBay MC999 suspensions can happen to anyone at any time no matter how good your eBay account is nor how good you abide by the rules.

Eventually at one time or another, you will eventually receive that dreaded MC999 suspension. The type of restriction will largely depend on what rule you broke in eBay’s eyes. The most common one we see are the MC999 suspensions.

They can happen if you:

  • Avoid paying seller fees
  • Bad DSR ratings
  • To many disputes
  • To many complaints
  • Scamming buyers
  • Slow shipping or communication times
  • Competitors
  • Suspicious Activity
  • Risky tactics (I have no clue what that means, but that is what eBay says.)

 eBay MC999 Suspension! OMGZ

This eBay suspension is the one we honestly hate the most because when you see that email, you already have a gut-wrenching feeling that something bad is going to happen. To be honest, it will since these type of emails we tend to ignore and just scrap the account as we know it will not last long.

The MC999 typically happens to new accounts when first listing or if you violate their policy for example listing a VeRO type item. If you want to keep your accounts standing for a lot longer, list VeRO or branded items with their receipt per eBay’s policy.

The receipt will show them that the item is not counterfeit, fake or any suspicion that it is a replica.

The receipt will show the authenticity and show that you indeed purchased the item from a reputable authorized distributor or seller.

If not and you do not have a receipt, this will be on you whether to list or not. We do not condone selling replicas in any way since that is an instant eBay suspension waiting to happen.

Avoiding Getting Your eBay Account Suspended?


Simple! If you deal in replicas, stop!! You will burn through accounts like crazy, and you will get frustrated and wonder why your accounts never last more than a week.

Replica’s, counterfeits and any other knockoff is a sure fire way to get your eBay account suspended.

If you want your accounts to last, find a new item to sell. If you continue, then your accounts will simply crash no matter how hard you try.

Following eBay’s policies can be a way to avoid an eBay suspension, but frankly, people still get suspended.

The best advice to avoid an MC999 for a new account?

Keep active on the account before listing.

1-3 days or a week of activity on the account will help, as we found when first logging into an account without cookies, then listing, tends to result in a higher chance of eBay putting a restriction on the account.

Not only that, but listing small, cheap items also help in preventing the eBay verification process.

If you still receive an eBay suspension even following that kind of procedure, you will need to call them.

We recommend using Spokeo if you created an incognito/stealth account to help answer some of their verification questions.

If you are patient with the eBay rep and answer completely honest that you are who you say you are on the account, then you should have no problem with eBay reinstating that account.

Worse thing that can happen is that they completely restrict or suspend your eBay account indefinitely.

However, if you have been reading a lot of about creating eBay incognito/stealth accounts, you will constantly read about having backups in cases like this.

Being suspended out of the blue is why we stress having lots of back-up accounts in reserve to offset this scenario.

If you happen to get the MC999 suspension, reach into your backup source and get back on!

If you need any assistance in creating accounts after an eBay suspension, download our free eBay Mini Incognito!

It will give you a nice basic overview of creating accounts and how eBay & Paypal trace you when trying to avoid being suspended or limited. Other than that, the only advice I can say is: backups, backups and more backups. If you are in this for the long haul, you will need a lot of them.

Like our incognito mini? Check out our full version down below for advanced techniques!