eBay Stops A PowerSeller in Her Tracks with Selling Limits!!

No matter what type of seller you are or what your status is, eBay can do whatever they please.

Do they care about your business? No. Do they care if you despise them? Of course not.

eBay does whatever they want to whomever they want.

The requirements to become a Top Rated Seller or Powerseller have been much more strict from what we read.

A Powerseller being stricken with selling limits is not a surprising issue to sellers who have been there before.

On the other hand, this also shows sellers who have never experienced the “other” side of eBay that a restriction, selling limit or even a hold happens to anyone.

Based off the article from Ecommercebytes.

The Powerseller received a message stating the following:

“This message is to notify you that in order to assist you in building a strong foundation for future transactions on eBay, we have placed a selling limit for your listing activity. These limits are not in place as a consequence, rather as a preventative measure to help our seller’s keep from becoming overwhelmed with large increases in account activity.”

Sounds all to familiar doesn’t it? I guess to the Powerseller, he/she was not aware of how eBay treats sellers unfortunately and randomness that often occurs too!

Selling limits were not disclosed in the article, but any sort of selling limits suck if you are use to selling loads of items.

Being part of eBay for several years or a Powerseller is not a “get out of jail free” card.

It just means that you haven’t got hit yet and will eventually be hit sometime in the future.

One thing that seller did do very well is the amount of sales coming from eBay.


With only around a quarter of them coming from eBay, we are pretty sure they are funneling most of their customers and traffic back to their website or another platform.

If your a high volume seller, this would be one good way to make sure eBay doesn’t do big damage to your overall business.

A note to this Powerseller, if you need more leeway, open up multiple accounts…seriously!

Not only will this help by spreading risk around all accounts, but if a selling limit occurs or even selling limits get slashed, your other eBay accounts will be untouched and firing on all cylinders.

Every customer we encounter and interact with, the idea of using multiple accounts is always a strategy we enforce.

We don’t know how many times a customer relies on one account whether bought or created, later on to encounter an issue with to much activity or to suspicious activity.

If only they had other accounts selling, their income wouldn’t have dropped like a rock.

Any sellers reading this or the other article in the same situation, please do yourself a favor and have multiple accounts!

eBay sucks, that is a given. But the amount of traffic they bring in can be used to your benefit.

You can find the full article to this story here: http://www.ecommercebytes.com/cab/abn/y15/m08/i04/s01


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