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eBay Sellers Furious Over 21 Day Hold


WITHOUT eBay, the Haggler would not be wearing pants. Strike that. Without eBay, the Haggler would not be wearing the pants he is currently wearing, which were snagged in the final seconds of a seven-day auction last year.

This is a somewhat clumsy way of saying that the Haggler is a huge fan of eBay, and not just for clothing. Whenever the Haggler needs a marble bust of Sean Connery, a vampire killing kit, a mummified rat or something described as the world’s luckiest sock — genuine offerings all   — this is where he turns.

But recently, the company has managed to anger the people who are arguably its most important asset: sellers. Or more than a few sellers, anyway.

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eBay Sellers Furious Over 21 Day Hold

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