Is Buying eBay, Amazon & PayPal Stealth Accounts Illegal In 2017?

Are they illegal? Absolutely not! See here: “eBay & PayPal Stealth Accounts Are Legal!”

If you have been suspended by eBay, limited by Paypal or even banned from Amazon. You are most likely looking to create a new eBay or PayPal account or buy one.

There are various sites that offer eBay & PayPal stealth seller accounts.

The biggest problem most people face is finding a good trustworthy eBay & Paypal account seller to help suit your needs.

This may come with the fact of the goods being digital items and also the big possibility of attempting to recover the account while the seller still has your money.

In this case, the seller sends you the information after payment, once he has the money, he changes passwords and emails in order to get the account back.

So now, the buyer is out of an account and out of his/her money. Don’t believe us? Take an example of what was thought as a trusted seller on the Aspkin forums, Sandy D.

So when your on your quest for an eBay or PayPal account, what do you look for when deciding to buy an eBay seller or Paypal account anyhow?

Where do I buy an eBay seller or Paypal account? Why should I buy one? Many of these questions answered down below!

The main thing to look for when you decide to buy an eBay seller or Paypal account is the information you are given, experience & feedback from customers.

Ideally, there are sellers who are first starting out who have no credibility and become harder to decipher between scammers.

So the best approach and safe guard is to use (how ironic!) Paypal.

Why? Because using Paypal can at least put a safety net between you and the seller.

You don’t receive what you paid for, you can always open a dispute. However, our best advice is to communicate with the seller to see what the issue is.

After many failed attempts or days that have gone by or no response, simply open a dispute and escalate to claim.

Is it a guaranteed win? Not exactly, it depends on how the seller responds. They can provide some info in order to back their side and potentially win.

The best approach is to provide as much evidence on your side as possible to give Paypal no second chances.

Finding Sellers Offering eBay, PayPal & Amazon Stealth Accounts

Performing a search can come up with quite a bit of results. First we see certain forums selling eBay & PayPal accounts.

Best thing to do in this situation is go with more trusted forums such as Aspkin Forums,, and BlackHatWorld. They are scrutinized and checked to ensure they are honest sellers.

The forums are very good at filtering out the bad, scamming sellers from the good ones.

Members instantly start providing the moderators feedback and proof on their end. So these forums clean up the bad sellers very quickly to ensure the community is safe.

You will find many sellers on their with good ratings and positive testimonials. Plus you know you will always be in good hands. All three are good options and whoever you decide to go with, you know you will receive top quality service!

Another thing we do want to mention is that you must do your research on how to use the accounts.

Listing for example high risk or high priced items right from the start on a new account is guaranteed suspension or even Paypal limitations if you manage to sell the item.

Another common mistake is selling too fast or receiving too much money & attempting to move it fast.

These are just a few, but there are so many other causes that provoke limitations and suspensions.

The good part about those forums is that they offer advice and tips to avoiding that. Make sure that you do the research as it will help you operate the accounts and make them last.

Where Should I Buy Them?

Make sure who you are buying an eBay or PayPal account from someone who has very good reputation in the market.

Do not go with some that you feel is inexperienced because this can put a big damper on your business. You want quality accounts created by experienced sellers.

The problems you can face would be receiving a limited or suspended account from the get go. If you are unsure about running incognito/stealth accounts, you can download our guide here> eBay Incognito Mini.

The main reason we say go with some reliable is for the fact that you know you won’t have any issues of being linked or having accounts that have details under suspended users.

Should you experience that, the seller should either replace or offer refund depending on which choice you happen to decide during the situation.

Another important factor is that accounts won’t go down quickly provided you follow all stealth techniques (IP, cookies, activity, listing, various other tidbits) that are necessary for keeping the account alive and running.

This goes back to my point referenced above to do as much research as possible to maintaining these accounts.

It’s very easy to put the blame on the seller, but many issues can be resolved by reading the vast forums that contain valuable tips and techniques to keeping the accounts running for as long as possible.

Why Should I Even Buy An eBay or Paypal Account Anyway?

Buying an eBay account should only be used as the last resort type option.

Buying eBay accounts on sale or even verified Paypal accounts on sale for that matter, should be used as the very last option if you run out of accounts or your eBay account has been suspended suddenly.

Purchasing eBay accounts on sale can get costly and should be only used as a backup source.

Yes they are free to create like a lot of people know, but the truth is, you do not have the time to go through all those steps to create a new eBay, Paypal or even Amazon account.

You want to reduce time & issues with accounts that are created by experienced & trusted users.

It would be best to skip on buying eBay accounts and start creating them in order tosave money and to have a nice amount of back-ups ready to go.

Buying many accounts can get costly over the long haul if you decide to purchase a lot for back-up purposes.

But creating them will allow you to build up a nice amount and make it more personal should you choose to create them.

This comes to my last point that is, find a seller you trust. Go with your instincts and gut feeling.

The idea here is that you will eventually find a long term relationship with someone and be able to continue with your business without any bumps in the road.

Always make sure to do as much research on operating the accounts as eBay & Paypal can be fickle and can change policies overnight.

It is very troublesome when seeing that you violated a policy that you had no idea existed and end up getting your eBay account suspended, or PayPal limited because of it.