Been Limited By PayPal For Unfair Reasons?

Fighting an unfair PayPal limitation may seem like the best option.

If you are like us, then the time is simply not worth it.

Being in the auction game for over 3 years, you start to understand that PayPal limitations are just a part of life.

How Do You Fight Back?

There is no true way of winning the battle. If your PayPal is permanently limited, there is no hope of getting it back.

When PayPal cuts you off, they cut you off for good!

For businesses & individuals who rely on PayPal for most if not all of their payment processing, here is the best solution.

Why Buying Verified PayPal Accounts Is Your Best Bet

Let us get down to business! You need PayPal & PayPal needs you!

But your PayPal is limited and PayPal forbids you from ever having another one.

Although that is true, buying a verified PayPal account is perfectly permissible.

Think of it this way, you would be using an account under someone else that can be considered one of your employees.

Is Buying A PayPal Account Legal?

Yes! You are playing only with PayPal’s policies. Since they are not regulated under the law, using multiple accounts or buying them isn’t illegal.

Much like the 21 day holds & holding your money for 180 days, they are not breaking laws because they are not a bank. They don’t play with certain rules.

Buying a verified PayPal account should you choose to sell fast is the best solution.

Accounts are free indeed, but if you are not well versed in the creation of stealth accounts, then outsourcing the account creation to an experienced PayPal stealth account seller is your main solution.

Do you need help creating accounts or want to skip the hassle altogether and buy a pre-created one? Look down below