Should Buying An Instant PayPal VCC Be The Way To Go?

Adding a Paypal virtual credit card is intended to help lift the withdraw limits and sending limits on your account.

A Vcc for Paypal can certainly come in handy when you are unable to obtain a credit card of your own or if you do not plan to use your own cards and you want avoid the trouble of opening multiple cards every time your Paypal account gets limited.

Using our PayPal vcc is the safest, instant & frustration free way of creating a new Paypal account.

Paypal accounts that are created in the USA require a bank or virtual bank account to be fully verified in order to get the verified status.

The virtual credit card alone will not verify the account on its own from what we have been hearing from a lot of people.

You will need a bank account or a virtual bank account along with the vcc to create a fully verified PayPal account.

You can also buy a fully verified Paypal account for sale if you want to skip creating one altogether.

Most people think you need only a credit card to have a verified Paypal account.

In some countries that is true. A PayPal virtual credit card is all that is needed in order to verify your Paypal account, but in the USA, the bank is the main component needed to have verified status.

You can use a virtual bank account or a prepaid card with a bank attached to it.

Most of the questions surrounding buying one involves,

“What is included when you purchase one?”

“Why should I purchase one”

“What do I receive once I do make that purchase?”




What Information Will I Receive When I Buy The PayPal VCC?

The main information you will receive when you purchase the Paypal virtual credit card  is the 16 digit card number, the CVV2, the expiration date and the credit card type (VISA,Mastercard,etc…)

Typically we can have the virtual credit card within 24 hours or even less, other times it takes our bank a little longer to have the them issued to us.

Most of the time, the vcc’s are sent within the 24 hours or less depending on our banks response.

How Do I Add The Paypal Virtual Credit Card (VCC) To My Account?

Basically all you would do to add the card is to first, log into your account, then either go to the section where you transfer money to your bank or you can go to your profile and click update credit card.

Updating from the profile page consists of the “update credit card” page and adding it there.

It should give you the option to fully confirm it by having Paypal make a charge; thus, revealing an expuse code to verify it.

Or you can go to the transfer money to bank tab and then at the bottom it should say your withdraw limit.

Click the “lift this limit” then click confirm credit or debit card.

Then from here you add the PayPal card details, then click continue and it should say that the expuse should show up within 2-3 days.

With our instant vcc, this is not the case as it will show up as soon as it is charged.

How Do I Get The Expuse Code For The USA Virtual Credit Card?

To get the expuse code for the Virtual credit card, please send us a message with the full card number and the date you added it if you had bought the standard version.

If you bought the instant verify, send us a message or go here to request the expuse code.

What Happens If My Account Gets Limited When Adding The Credit Card?

Our virtual credit cards do not cause limitation as we do not used recycled or cards used by other people.

We have been using the same cards for years without issues.

Most of the time when limitations occur, it is mostly due to the suspicious activity or the suspicious login when adding the card.

This means that if you use IPs from different countries on the account, proxies, VPNs or any type that have a history of causing limitations, then that could be part of the reason.

Another issue we witnessed is when customers always clear cookies every time they log out.

Always make sure to keep cookies of the account on there and to not delete them when you log out.

If you run multiple eBay  & PayPal accounts, it is best to use a separate windows user or mac user account.

For all other issues that directly relate to the card, please contact us so we can find a solution.

Most of the time if a limitation is caused by the card, then they will ask to confirm information on the account which is simple thing to take care of from us.