ebay account suspended

Over 54,000 eBay Accounts Being Suspended? What Gives?

A Massive Amounts Of eBay Accounts Suspended?

Oh why me!! Not my eBay account! It has been suspended due to...well I am not sure what reason that could be?

Based off eBay’s “Report A Buyer Feature” it seems as though many buyer accounts and even eBay seller accounts were removed due to the nature of this new feature. Here is an excerpt from eBay: “The 54,000 accounts have been removed throughout 2013 as part of a continual process to protect sellers, and are not removed all at once. Buyers are identified using feedback provided by sellers, subsequently investigated and appropriate action taken.”

ebay account suspended

This feature may come in handy for some and not others, only time will tell if it will serve a purpose.

“We’ve been hearing of a mass purge by eBay and a ton of accounts being closed, and now it’s been confirmed.

eBay have emailed sellers to let them know the results of the new “Report a Buyer feature”. They say that they’ve protected the seller performance ratings of over 60,000 sellers and 54,000 buyer accounts that were in breach of eBay policy have been suspended.

That’s a pretty impressive number of accounts to purge and doubtless some of those suspended were also sellers (although I’ve never understood why a seller would buy on their selling account instead of a separate buying account).

Along with the news, eBay reminded sellers of the Seller Protection policies and that reminded me that there’s still a massive difference between eBay Seller Protection and PayPal Seller Protection.”

More of that article can be found here: http://tamebay.com/2013/11/54000-ebay-users-banned-in-purge.html

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